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Natuur- en milieubescherming

The underwater environment is a very delicate balance and it only takes a small change to create a large disaster. As divers we are observes of this strange but amazing environment. If we do NOT help to maintain the health of the sea’s as divers, then who will??

Commercial fisherman on a daily basis take huge amounts of Fish’s, Octopus, Ray’s, Whales and Sharks, there actions alone change the environment. When the predatory fish are no longer in an area, this will mean that the fish lower down the food chain will start to grow in larger number and cause an unhealthy balance. Once the food chain is disturbed it can some times never be reversed!! For example there are large amounts of Sea urchins through out the Atlantico Oceans and this could be put down to the fact that main of the fish species that would have fed on them for example the puffer fish, are no longer around to keep there numbers in control.

With problems like this, we at Dive Academy feel that we should play our small part in keep our sea’s for future generations to enjoy!!

So we ask all our customers

  • Take nothing but Photo’s
  • Leave nothing but bubble’s
  • And remember the only thing we kill underwater is TIME!!
We also ask all our divers not to take shells or any other marine life from the sea and also to NOT touch, tease or harass an underwater organism.

Project Awarene - The underwater environment is a very delicate

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Bubblemaker fun in our pool.