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11 huhtikuu 2017, Viesti Christiana, Amerikan yhdysvallat
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23 syyskuu 2012, Viesti Alex & LAura, Espanja
We spend 3 days diving with you in august and it was great. You were really helpful and great proffesionals.
Hope to see you again.

15 toukokuu 2012, Viesti Neil Holloway, Kanariansaaret
Just spent a long weekend in Gran Canaria, and managed to find a day to dive with the guys here.... Totaly top rate dive set up, always willing to help, and to top it off great diving as well, recomend diving here to anyone looking for a great time underwater, safe and fun... will be back

8 maaliskuu 2012, Viesti Sarah Freeman, son-Britannian
Have started my swimming in preparation for two weeks at Anfi in June. Did my Advanced Open Water last year so we'll see what this year brings
Looking forward to seeing you all again, best wishes

22 joulukuu 2012, Viesti Ron and Miriam, Alankomaat
Hello Ellen, Dave and the rest of the team.

A bit late, but again thanks a lot for the care that you took in providing us two excellent dive days.

Since the first year you run the Dive Academy, every Chtistmas holiday we have been to Gran Canaria and dived with you, to our full satisfaction.

Keep up the good work, and see you next year. Can hardly wait, the weather is terrible here....


5 joulukuu 2012, Viesti Marc Zehntner, Saksa
Hallo Ellen, Hallo Dave und Dive Team

Vielen lieben Dank für die erstklassige Betreuung, die schönen Tauchgänge und Euren Service, der aus unserer Sicht einfach nur als Weltklasse bezeichnet werden kann ! Weder Walter noch ich haben uns weder im Mittelmeer, im roten Meer noch im Golf von Mexiko besser betreut gefühlt. Weiter , so !

Bis bald (bei mir 15.02.2012, und Walter sagte gerade dass auch er bestimmt wieder kommt)

Walter und Marc

24 joulukuu 2011, Viesti dave, son-Britannian
Hi all.
Wishing everyone at dive academy gc a happy chritmas and a great new year. hope to see you all soon. chewy..

26 marraskuu 2011, Viesti Dave Cooper, son-Britannian
Hi everyone,
where is the picture of the duck on the Mogan Wreck, as looking forward to some new updated photo's
all the best and see you next year

6 marraskuu 2011, Viesti Ville Helin, Suomi
Hi guys!

Thanks for the amazing dives and superb service! I had no idea suca diving on Gran Canaria could be so fun. You even have really fine dive sites close to your dive shop! :) Anyway, after I show my scuba buddies the photos I took underwater they might want to travel with me there. See you next time!

Take care,

1 lokakuu 2011, Viesti Nils, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Ståle, Dane, Bella & Golfo,

Thanx for being af part of making my stay no. 13 in GC as good as ever! Both the weather and the water has never been as warm as in the three weeks I was with GC this time 'round. 16 excellent dives (if my memory serves me correct) - not bad at all.

Cheers also to Moira & Mark, Wendy & Neil, Andrea & Deb plus the ones who's names I've forgotten...

DAGC is definitely to go for diving in Europe. So go there or be square :-)

29 syyskuu 2011, Viesti Dave Cooper from Blackpool, son-Britannian
Hi All,
Just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for a really enjoyable 5 dives whilst completing my advanced open water course
It was fantastic and also for the great introduction to scuba you gave my 12 year old daughter as well looking forward to hopefully returning again next year to complete my rescue diver and my daughters open water courses
a big thanks to Dane & Geir from me for the diving guide around the wrecks

21 syyskuu 2011, Viesti Ingolf Agger, Tanska
I have always used your weatherservicesite
very much. It is very good but not for the moment. What had happened? It has not been updated since 30.06.2011. I really miss it.

10 syyskuu 2011, Viesti Katie, son-Britannian
Hey, me and my friend Rosie did a discover scuba diving course with you back in July. I thought I'd write on here to thank you all since we both loved it and I've done an open water course since then! Thanks for the introduction to scuba :)

26 elokuu 2011, Viesti Dave, son-Britannian
Hi All,
I am really looking forward to doing my advanced open water with you all and see how you all are.
See you all soon
Dave Cooper

20 elokuu 2011, Viesti Lonnie, Tanska
Hi All,
Thank you for some great dives, especially Las Palmas was fantastic, but all very good.
Like the previous times was it super service and very good atmosphere to been in.
Hope I will be able to come back in beginning of 2012.

1 elokuu 2011, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja
Well – what is left to say after years of visits …
I would think the idea behind this page is to give potential new customers an idea of dive centre. So basically if you are going to Gran Canaria and think spending time under water is fun (new or experienced diver) give them a call or send them an email. We have trusted them with our daughter since she did here bublemaker at age 8 with Ellen , and this summer as an 13 year old padi junior advanced he did here first dive without mum or dad – I do think this is the best way of expressing how much we trust Ellen and Dave and the focus the have on safety and safe diving. And they also take more than good care of mum and dad when they are joining. So jump into it – bring your family and go diving !

Ahh…. . and due to my previous doubts about turtle stories - I have to add: If Dive Academy tell you about turtles it is true ! During our last holiday 2 where spotted in the bay below the dive centre and one where happily swimming around at one of the dive cites.

And a great tip is to stay with Ellen during dives – she is the one who finds all sorts of creatures.

Thanks for a great summer and we are back for late September diving !

A happy diver :-)

4 heinäkuu 2011, Viesti Claire & Abbiy Hoff, son-Britannian
Thanks Ellen for a great dive! Abbiy absolutley loved it!

13 kesäkuu 2011, Viesti Bojan OWSI, Makedonia
Dive team that will take you on an adventure that you have been dreaming for.. an Adventure beyond imagination.
Dive professionals that will show you the beauty of working in the diving industry.
Dive team that will support you any time, any place!
Thank you Dive Academy Gran Canaria!!!

18 toukokuu 2011, Viesti Kurt Bosshard, Sveitsi
I am back in Switzerland and want to thank you for the wonderful diving and training event (Wreck Speciality).

I enjoyed the time and hope to come soon back for diving again with you.

Thanks and regards to the team.

Kurt / Switzerland

15 toukokuu 2011, Viesti Markus Buchmann, Saksa
After another half year at the Diveacademy GranCanaria I get ready to get home to germany. again I had a great time with my colleagues and all the customers we had!! thanks for everything!! you guys made my days :-)) see you soon :-))

15 toukokuu 2011, Viesti barry gibbon, son-Britannian
Thanks to John and Ellen for 6 great dives. You made a good holiday great :-)

6 toukokuu 2011, Viesti, Espanja
Thank you Dive Academy Gran Canaria!!

10/10 for Friendly and professional service - had a great day!

Brilliant location, relaxed and comfortable diving...just excellent..!!

Torpedo rays, sting rays, barracudas, octopus, cuttlefish...i'll sleep well tonight!
PADI Instructor

16 huhtikuu 2011, Viesti Timo Telsavaara, Suomi
I want to thank you for very nice and easy diving holidays in your kind and professional diving center.
I was not used to so helpful and kind service. And by the way I'm very interesting to hear how was Ellen's marathon experience in London.

Timo from Finland

14 huhtikuu 2011, Viesti Alanna, Kanada
Big hello to Dave, Ellen, Markus, Dane, Ash and Jon and Golfo!

Thank you sooo much for introducing me to diving last November and guiding a variety of 15 amazing boat and shore dives while I was living in Gran Canaria. I was thoroughly impressed by the level of safety, helpfulness and flexibility during my open water course and afterwards as well. Diving quickly became my favourite activity during my 5 month stay in GC last winter, largely in part due to the awesome, friendly and FUN team you have. I won't hesitate for a second in recommending Dive Academy Gran Canaria to anyone I know.

I miss you all and thanks again for everything! Kindest regards from Canada,
Alanna :)

24 joulukuu 2011, Viesti tony bullock, son-Britannian
Thanks for the dives and Padi completion of my openwater diver. Thanks to D for his personal support and showing me how to blow bubble rings!!!!

16 joulukuu 2011, Viesti Linda göransson, Ruotsi
Hello marcus, ellen and dane
Huge thank you for 5 amazing days with you all. I came to Gran Canaria with no diving experience at all and came home as an advanced open water diver all thanks to you. You are amazing diving instructors. I can't wait till the next time i dive.

I enjoyed it very much and will recommened you to others.

Hope to see you again,

best regards, Linda Göransson from Sweden

3 joulukuu 2011, Viesti Ron, Alankomaat
Hi Ellen and Dave, best wishes for you as well, hope you had a nice celebration!

Hope to see you next year! We were planning to go to south africa next christmas, but it seems we are slowly changing our minds and thinking about simply coming to Gran Canaria again, coming home again... If so, of course you will see us coming up for some nice dives! and otherwise another year.

Its cold here, tried to run this morning but roads were to icy, to slippery, if this continues I am not sure if my plan for the marathon in first week of february will continue, want to do some exercise before...

take care, stay in touch, and have a good time!

2 joulukuu 2011, Viesti Mick Cadman , son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen,

Just a huge thank you for the brilliant diving last Thursday. You were all so helpful both at the base the day before and at the dive site and in the water.

I very much enjoyed it all. I will recommend you here to others.

Hope to see you again,

Again many thanks


28 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Allan & Camilla, Tanska
Dear Marcus, Ellen and Dave.
Thanks for two amazing hours with you. It was really an experience to dive. We hope to get back on Gran Canaria and dive into the sea with one of you.
The best New Year greetings from Camilla and Allan from Denmark.

23 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Brandon Lewis, Norja
I chose to the Canary Islands over Egypt because of your on-line customer service, and you guys delivered in person too, had a blast with all of you Brits, and Marcus the Jerry :P I will definaltly recommend you to anyone who wants to dive down here...Also Dave, please let me know about your contact up in stavanger.

Thanks for a great four days/9 dives and getting me back into diving.

23 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Esther Luxton, son-Britannian
Hiya! Wow! What a shock arriving back home was, for starters we landed in Wales instead of London!! I was so cold and immediately wished I was back with you guys!! Thanks to all of you for the fun dives and looking after me so well, cups of tea on tap - you are definitely my kind of dive centre!! Was a little disappointed Markus didn't track down some friendly Turtles for me ;) hee hee
Anyways Happy Christmas! Hope it's a very merry one :)

23 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Michael Frølich Christensen, son-Britannian
Dear Dave,Ellen and crew

Just want to wish you all a merry Christmas, and thank you for an excellent time and course for Anders – he was proud and happy, and looking forward to go diving again.

Sad we didn’t get a dive at Morgan – must be next time.

(Enjoy the weather down there – we have a snow storm coming up again)


14 joulukuu 2010, Viesti ibrahim, Turkki
Hello dears..!
I want to thank you for your deep understading and patience.You were interested in us in a very gentle way.You are very valuable and patient instructors.Thank you again for teaching us to dive.But we are looking forward to our certeficates ..

9 joulukuu 2010, Viesti beauty of sihanouk, Kambodža
your website is good, Thank you for posting Message

17 marraskuu 2010, Viesti Trish and Steve, son-Britannian
Dear Ellen, Dave and all your staff,

Just a line to say thanks again for a splendid dive holiday. We very much appreciated your professionalism, attention to detail, good humour and adhearance to safety, all of which gave a relaxed feel to us punters on holiday.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone coming in your direction looking for a good time, with good customer service.

Thanks again Dave for your invaluable advice on where to visit on our days touring it was spectacular and would never have found it without your guidance.

Looking forward to returning one day.

With regards

Trish and Steve xx

17 marraskuu 2010, Viesti Tom Brown , son-Britannian
Hi Dave,
Just a quick email to thank you very much for teaching Paul and I to dive last week. We had an excellent time, and neither of us can stop talking about the sights which you showed us and the skills that you taught us. Ellen is a great teacher.

I will definitely make contact to arrange more dives next time I come back to Gran Canaria!!

All the best,

10 lokakuu 2010, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hiya DAGC,

I just noticed that it completely slipped my mind, to write in your guestbook the last time I was down with you guys ;-).

Me deepest and most sincere apologies for this slip of my mind...

Anyways, it was my 11th time at DAGC and it was excellent as always. Well, that damn ear infection kind ruined the diving part a bit, but i had a nice time nevertheless.

BTW, one of my good friends, Lene Tullin Nielsen (free round of mojito's if Dave can pronunce her middle name correctly), will possibly anchor up with her ship Sinus ( one of these days. I've kind of promised her a free "DSD" course. So please let her have, and I'll pay when I pop up next time :-)

I know that she can snorkle and is a very bright and pretty young lady (34), so she'll get the hang of it in 10 secs or so.

See you soon!


10 lokakuu 2010, Viesti Nick Taylor owsi, Australia
Hope you are all well. Diving is going well here Nice open water course finished up today i wish i was there to celebrate with you guys. hope our not having too much fun without me. they dont know how to party here in australia. say hi to everyone for me MUCH LOVE BESOS XX

12 syyskuu 2010, Viesti Sarah Inkley, son-Britannian
Our visit to Gran Canaria was my first time diving outside the UK & also my first time diving in the Ocean (my training being limited to a freshwater lake to a max deapth of 8mtrs) so no surprises I was decidedly nervous about the diving we had arranged to do, feeling completely out of my comfort zone. However, as soon as I arrived at the Dive Centre I knew that I had absolutely nothing to worry about! You couldnt ask for a nicer, more accomodating team to put you at ease. The level of professionalism was outstanding & we felt thorughly looked after from beginning to end. Not only did we do 7 amazing recreational dives but Ellen also saw us through the completion of our advanced open water. The dive sites are amazing, the abundant aquatic life was astounding (as the 500 underwater pics taken by my other half will demonstrate!!). We cant wait to make our next trip out for more dives - roll on 2011!! The diving truly was one of the main highlights of our holiday & we will be recommending the dive centre to anyone who asks!! Thank you soooooo much Ellen, Dave, Kieran, Dane & Emma for being so utterly amazing!
Sarah & Steve

17 elokuu 2010, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja
Once again we leave Gran Canaria after weeks with superior service and fun diving from the team at Dive Academy. Our brand new Advaced Open Water certificates has already arrived from PADI – but we still suffer from post traumatic Dive Academy diving syndrome – second best treatment seems to be 15 minutes in bathtub with 5mm semidry and snorkel – best treatment is known among experienced divers to be returning to Dive Academy and dive more.

Our daughter did her fist bubblemaker with Dive Academy at 8 – this year she once again had Ellen as instructor and received here Jr Advanced certificate. I can not think of a better reference for a dive centre and instructor than actually trusting them with our daughter.

If your kids want to try let them try ! If they like it let them continue their diving experience in their own pace with a dive centre and an instructor that understand teaching children while having a lot of fun. Only downside is that they end up being better divers than yourself At Dive Academy you will find that they take good care of your child(ren) focusing on , 1. Safety, 2.Safety and then finally 3. safety – while at the same time having fun learning and experiencing the "art of diving"

For us “elderly children” Dive Academy will make sure you have both safe and fun diving for all levels of experience.

Dive Academy is the reason why almost all of our family has taken up diving – the only one in waiting is Sigurd at 5 – he has done his first snorkel around the pool session with his da and can hardly wait becoming 8 and do his bubblemaker.

Yes we are “regulars” at the Dive Centre, the reasons being :

The way they run it, the way are and the way they make us feel when we are there

Check it out for yourself :-)

29 heinäkuu 2010, Viesti Andy and Heather, son-Britannian
Hi. Thanks for the diving on Wednesday. Heather loved it and I'm sure we will be back for her to do her openwater course.

Cheers, andy

25 heinäkuu 2010, Viesti Johan, Belgia
Hello Dave and Ellen,

I’m back in Belgium. But I would still like to thank you for the nice dives and this wonderful organization. Say hello to everyone from me and hoping for a quick reunion, I Greet you,


16 heinäkuu 2010, Viesti Al Bolingbroke, Yhdistyneet Arabiemiirikunnat
Dear Ellen

Hope you and the team are all well, I'm settled back at work now in the middle east and spending my days in the 55C heat, thinking of being back in warm waters again.

I wanted to drop you a short email thanking you for the excellent time I had with you and the team in and out of the water.

The course was excellent, relaxed and fun and your personal and friendly manner as a dive master and instructor is a credit and I'm sure it could put anyone at ease.

During any visits in the future you can be sure I will be keen to dive with you again, and I will recommend you to all I know.

Please give my regards and best wishes to Dave, Marcus, Mark, Nick and anyone else I may have missed and pass on my thanks for all their assistance and good humour.

Special thanks to you for your patience during my not so sharp moments!

Stay safe and keep having fun.

Yours sincerely
Al Bolingbroke

PS: Hope the turtle is on the mend.

13 heinäkuu 2010, Viesti Justin, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen. BIG thx for taking me diving on the wrecks. You are a great couple. Awesome time had and love what you have setup here on the island. Have decided to stay so will see you later :o)"

4 heinäkuu 2010, Viesti Sarah, son-Britannian
Hi guys, many thanks for the 10 dives this year, will have to start working on my Advanced Theory ready for next year. Pls thank Gerry and Pigsy for me too.

28 kesäkuu 2010, Viesti Neil carver, son-Britannian
To Dave & Ellen ("Dave" from Blackpool)

Just to say thanks for the six dives I managed to get in last week while staying at the Hotel Vistamar..I hope to return some day and would not hesitate in recommending your Dive school to anyone.



27 toukokuu 2010, Viesti jesus diaz, Espanja
Hola david y ellen.
Muchas gracias por ser tam buenas personas, y ser tan pacientes con los clientes.
es un placer las inmersiones con ustedes.
invito a cualquiera, a pasar un dia con ustedes, y veran que gran diferencia, que con otras escuelas de buceo.
Un beso muy grande a los dos.

21 toukokuu 2010, Viesti Scott Moore, son-Britannian
Hello Dave and Ellen,

I just wanted to say a big thank you, we had a great holiday and are already planning our next trip.
Hope to do our deep diver course with you next time.
Also thanks to the guys for there help with equipment etc it was pure luxury.

Hope you have a great summer and we will see you soon.

thanks again


17 huhtikuu 2010, Viesti Dave, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen & team.
It was great to finally meet you all.
The days diving was the best i have been on by a mile.
i will especially remember the wreck dive at Mogan for the vis and seeing the yellow submarine which was awsome.
Great cup of tea after the first dive.
Highly recommended to anyone visiting the island as you are really made to feel welcome and amongst friends.

11 huhtikuu 2010, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Yoda and everyone else,

Yet another excellent stay, my 10th, at Dive Academy Gran Canaria. A lot of super boat dives (first photos of the Yellow Submarine) this time, which was great, plus a couple of fine deep dives at El Cabron. As always, everything at DAGC was perfect - so go there, if you haven't been there yet!

I hope that Yoda will find some new and caring "parents" soon :-).

Hope to see you all again soon-ish!


10 maaliskuu 2010, Viesti Jan Hansen, Norja
Dive Academy is great place to dive no matter what your experience level. Dave is friendly like all the staff and makes you feel very comfortable about diving. As a first-time diver I completed my open water certification and had a great time. Ellen, my instructor was very friendly and professional which gave me confidence and allowed me to enjoy every dive. Go for it!

28 helmikuu 2010, Viesti Oliver, Tanska
Hello All,

Sorry it has taken me so long to put the message on but you know how it can be once your home.
I would just like to Thank Ellen for a fantastic course and also Aylin (hope i have spelt it right) for here assistant during the course. I am still talking about it and how amazing the dives were. I am planning to come back the start of summer to complete my advanced course.
Thanks again

17 helmikuu 2010, Viesti Tommy, Irlanti
Just wanted to let all potential divers know that the team at Dive Academy did a great job - Dave, Ellen, Patrick and Nick made the truly excellent diving even more enjoyable.

To all those considering going - don't hesitate - do it now!

All the best - I'll be back before too long I hope.

5 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Grant & Joanna Sivell, son-Britannian
Just wanted to say thank you for keeping in touch with regards to everything, and thank you for teaching us to Dive. It was a great experience, and we are looking forward to the next one. Hopefully we will be back in Gran Caneria soon, and we can go diving with your team once again. Please could you thank both our instructors for their patience in teaching us (especially in the cold pool) , and to Peter who was very helpful in the open water Dives.

We will definitely recommend your centre to our friends who are keen divers, and are planning a trip over there in the coming months. Thanks for everything, and all the best for the New Year.

2 joulukuu 2010, Viesti Ron and Miriam, Alankomaat
Thanks again for another great experience of diving in Gran Canaria, this time with my daughter Miriam, who got her jr. open water this autumn after an inspiring introduction dive with Ellen last year.

As always, diving with the people from Dive Acadamy is a pleasure, as everything is just a nice mixture of being well organised and professional and at the same time small enough to make it feel as diving with a group of friends.

But especially in cases like this, with a young girl having her first serious open water dive in a somewhat bumpy sea, Ellen showed again her abilities to give somebody confidence and help them to make it seem natural and easy, without making them feel clumsy and dependent. I think that ability is a great gift.

Thanks again for a great time, a couple of great dives even with so-so weather, and for sure we will be back again next year.

Ron and Miriam

31 joulukuu 2009, Viesti chewy, son-Britannian
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all at dive academy..
see you all in march. chewy

31 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Minna Viitala, Suomi
Hi! Back in snowy Finland again. Thank you for wonderful divings during my holiday. I want to thank and hug all of you, Dave, Ellen, Peter, Aileen and Richard. And of course my nice diving buddies Jani, Mikael and the Townseds. Hope we´ll meet again next year!
Love, Minna XXX

30 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Guri Hagen, Norja
I wisch you a very happy new year, and I do look forward to see you in January.
Best regards from Guri

22 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Dario Giatti, Italia
I was very impressed by the attention to safety given by the instructors at Dive Academy. The quality of instruction & the level of professionalism was incredible. Bravo to Dive Academy & the PADI education program.

19 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Fenna, Fred, Peter, Patrick plus others

Thanx for making this short stay at DAGC (my 9th), as pleasant as ever. I'm quite happy that I finally saw a Seahorse and got some decent photos of the tiny creature. Especially thanx to Peter for making it possible for me to take my best photos of a Cuttle Fish yet.

The weather was not the best I've experienced in GC yet, however when comparing it to the minus 7 degrees I've returned to here in CPH, I won't complain!

With a little luck it won't be to long before I return! I've been home for less than four hours now, and I'm already tired of the weather ;-)


6 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Ian Longstone, Suomi
Greetings from Helsinki I must say you run a great diving company ! I had a good time learning my Padi OWD with you.Arguineguin is just a nice charming place for whole families... Best regards, Ian

24 marraskuu 2009, Viesti Henriette Jensen, Tanska
Give my regards to Ellen as she did teach me on 18-11-2009 and to Patrick who taught me 15-11-2009 and tell them that I allready have recieved my Scuba Diver certificate from PADI. I'm continuing my training here i Denmark, so the next time I visit you I hope to go on a boat dive with you guys.
I enjoyed my stay and hope to be back soon.

kind regards

19 marraskuu 2009, Viesti, son-Britannian
I have just spent the day with the team at Dive academy doing an intro course to diving!!


You guys were so helpful, friendly and welcoming that it made my holiday!!

Thanks again for the experience!! I´m still Grinning from ear to ear! :) especially after seeing that Ray :)

Dan McPhee

16 marraskuu 2009, Viesti John Simmons, son-Britannian
hi sorry i have been so long . just like to thank everyone at the center .had a great time hope to see you next year best wishes john

17 lokakuu 2009, Viesti Florian Koller, Saksa
Better late than never... Thank you DAGC-Crew once again for your support on our holliday. The divings round the isle and the double-bubble-maker-thing with Nadine and Lukas where great. Both of them where astonished that breathing and doin´ the moonwalk under water can be so nice ´n´ cool...:-) Arguineguin´s callin´ 2010... and snow´s allready fallin´ in Penzberg/Munich. Hope youre all fine - just keep on strokin´ ! Have a nice time and best regards from the "Koller´s"

14 lokakuu 2009, Viesti Neil and Wendy Thrush, son-Britannian
Hi Dave & Ellen, sorry it has taken a couple of weeks to post our thank's and best wishes to you all, but never the less Dive Academy is very dear to our heart, we just love our diving time and socialising with you on our holiday and look forward to September next year when we come back. Thank you Ellen for proving that there are Manta rays in Coleta Bay (3rd time lucky) shame Wendy didn't see it and got lost due to someone's dodgy electronic compass! but she bares no grudges, she still did have a fantastic time with Nick doing her Navigation course and her Search & Recovery course and Ellen looked after me doing my Wreck Diver course. We both learned such a lot and it makes diving more comfortable because of the confidence we gain. We are in Malta in 2 weeks time for a few days so hope for a couple of dives there. Hope all is well in the U.K. for you now, are thoughts are with you, I have a few pic's of the BBQ where Matt destroyed your chair and yet you took it so calmly! To all the guys working with you, thank's for everything you did (apart from needing lessons in making a decent cuppa!) and we hope our paths cross some time in the future. Love to all.

3 lokakuu 2009, Viesti Dag Kristian Nordlund, Norja
You who have dived with Ellen and Dave know what they stand for - that´s why many of us keep coming back

To you who have never dived with Dive Academy and are wondering if you might have a try (new to diving or experienced) - try - you will not regret it.

And if you mail or ring them and ask for a reference (Norwegian/English) they are allowed to supply you with my email or phone number - and I will happily share my experiences with Dive Academy.

And a personal opinion: If you have kids that would like to try diving- please let them - my 11 year old daughter started when she was 8 doing a bubblemaker- now a licensed PADI Jr Open Water Diver she will rather go diving than to go to the water-park i Puerto Rico ! A proof that diving is fun for both children and adults :)

Oh i nearly forgot: once again thanks for all the fish :)

29 syyskuu 2009, Viesti Wil & Loes, Alankomaat
Alweer een weekje thuis en dan bezorgd de postbode je PADI Open Water Diver Licence !! wonderfull feeling ..!! Geweldig dank aan Nick, Fenna, Patrick, Ellen en Dave ( in order of appearance...) Dit groepje fanaten en professionals hebben onze eerste "onderwaterstapjes "tot een geweldige ervaring gemaakt. Top boys and girls ! Many thanks.
Aanrader voor iedereen die duiklessen wil nemen op Gran Canaria.!!!!

10 syyskuu 2009, Viesti Lasse, Tanska
Just got back to Denmark, and I want to thank you all for at wonderfull day of diving at El Cabron.

Lasse, Denmark

8 syyskuu 2009, Viesti Martyn, son-Britannian
Just arrived back in the UK and wanted again to say thank's to not only the most southern dive center in Europe, but also the very best. Dave, Ellen, Nik etc... thank you such an incredible experience and of course, getting me through both my Emergency Response and my Rescue Diver course !!..It really was the sheer professionalism and friendship of all you guys that left me with no choice but to do the course with you all !!. Regard all of you as friends now and cant wait for April 2010 to come along,

Once again, thankyou to a team that really do give it 101%.. Take care and happy diving to you all !!!

30 elokuu 2009, Viesti Ian Rockett, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen Patrick and Nick

Thanks for some great diving with your help we now have two more disciples of the deep !!!!

Dive Academy has i have said before operates a level of service, safety and flexability with a freindly approach i have not experianced any where else in the world in 20 years of diving.

For those of you looking to dive Gran Canaria - look no futher.

17 elokuu 2009, Viesti Maarten, Alankomaat
Hi Dave, Ellen, Nick, Patrick and Marja,

Thank you again for a great time and the wonderful dives.

I really enjoyed the diving and the professional and excellent services of your company!!


11 elokuu 2009, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja
We are not sure what is left to say - after several years of diving with Dive Academy we can safely say that they are the best dive centre south of the north pole (hard to beat the white bearded divemaster at the north pole because of the annual giveaways).

Once again - Thanks for all the fish and we are back in September for more diving

To those of you considering diving with Dive Academy -- just book - you will not regret it - Most importantly; safety, safety and then safety is pri 1 to 3 , after that the best customer service you can find :-)

And to all the frequent divers/guests we have met at the Dive Academy - happy diving and see you !

Dag, Inger, Ingrid and Sigurd

8 elokuu 2009, Viesti Monica, Saksa
Thank you for nine wonderful days of diving. Instructors and crew are great and the dives are like nothing I have seen before. Dave and Ellen (dive centre owners) did everything they could to make sure I had positive diving experiences and they run a great diving school.The reefs of at Arinaga are wonderful. We saw lots of Rays on most dives. I had such a good time and everyone was so friendly.

15 heinäkuu 2009, Viesti David d'Orton-Gibson, son-Britannian
Thanks to all the staff. Booked online for discover scuba course and liked it so much we booked another day to get the PADI scuba diver qualifiaction. Brilliant diving, location and most of all the staff were fantastic. Many many thanks and we look forward to coming back again. Would certainly recommended you to others.

11 heinäkuu 2009, Viesti Steinar Bakkland, Norja
Hi! Thanks a lot; for the good service, the good dives and your patience with me and Sverre! We are planning to come back next year, and hope we will meet all five of you then. I will recommend Dive Academy Gran Canaria to all my friends! PS. Steinar and Sverre are going to dive together in the Red Sea in november!

8 heinäkuu 2009, Viesti Tanja, Alankomaat
Hello from rainy Holland! Oh, it's good to be back home again... :-(
A big thank you to all of you at Dive Academy for making my holiday great fun and for helping me getting my license within such a short time! :-) I'm seriously thinking of coming over again later this year to do some more diving with you! If you still want to have me of course haha ;-)
Patrick & Marja.. good luck on your courses! I'm sure you're going to be great Dive Masters!
Ellen.. get your own table at the Academy. You can charge quite a bit extra and I'm sure you'll be fully booked in no time ;-) Nick.. only being there for 4 weeks but it seemed like you've been part of the team for ages! It's been a pleasure diving with you! :-)
Dave.. the always quick replies!! If you need a sales person you know where to find me... ;-)
Keep up the good work!

30 kesäkuu 2009, Viesti Nathen , Alankomaat
A great Team! Wonderfully patient, fun to be with! I had a very relaxing experience and will remember my first diving course.

Thank you to all.Ellen, Dave, Nick and Patrick of course. Hope to see you again and come back soon.

5 kesäkuu 2009, Viesti Nils, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave & Staff,

Thanx for yet another pleasant 3-week stay (my 7th stay by the way) at & around your excellent dive center. I'm sorry that during my stay I took up a new hobby, hiking, so that I didn't do as much diving as I had initially expected. That hiking stuff kind of grew on me, but of cause diving is still my no. 1 favorite hobby.

The weather has gone from summer to autumn like temperatures during the 7 days I've been back in DK (typical danish summer), so I hope to see you again soon!


5 kesäkuu 2009, Viesti Lena, Norja
Hi Helen, Dave and Patrik,

Thank you so much for a great time diving with you guys, it was simply awesome!

I’m actually now thinking of going diving with UCPA in France this summer 

If forgot the pictures I took, so if you could please send them to me I’d be glad…

Have a nice weekend and summer all of you!

3 kesäkuu 2009, Viesti Bojan, Makedonia
Hello, Dive Academy!
Dave and Ellen, I would like to thank you for everything I've learned from you, everything you've done for me, great diving and for making my stay there unforgetable. Choosing Dive Academy to do my dive master course and AI course was by all means good idea.
To all fellow student divers, divers, dive masters, instructors etc, if you are considering diving, working or taking a dive course in Gran Canaria, Dive Academy is definitively the place to go!
Looking forward to my next visit to you guys!
Best regards!

2 kesäkuu 2009, Viesti Katrien and Joris, Belgia
We did some very nice dives with you (definitively better than the mediterreanean!). Exellent service, very relaxing. Till next time!

16 toukokuu 2009, Viesti Sarah, son-Britannian
Hi guys

Thanks a million for a couple of great dives during our week stay on Gran Canaria. For those of you thinking about diving with Ellen and Dave: do it - well organised, fun and very relaxing! The diving ain't bad either ;o)

10 toukokuu 2009, Viesti Odd St. Rigenholt, Norja
Dear Ellen and Dave
I want to thank you for for offering great facilities, great service, and friendliness. It was a pleasure to see your thorough quality in all your activities.
Seing the angel shark was great, likewise to come so close to the various cephalopodes we met. Thank you for excellent dives.

29 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Nick Taylor (aka pretty boy), son-Britannian
Hello all hope your well.

First off can i just say WOW what a great time I had with you guys for the past 3 Months, I keep waking up back here in the UK trying to remember why I had to leave. Looking forward to recieving my PADI DIVE MASTER CARD !!! haha got to love it. Can't wait to come back over and see you again but next stop for me is now canada. Stay in touch Nick x

29 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Team at Dive Academy Gran Canaria, Espanja
Dive Academy On Facebook.
If would like to become a friend of Diveacademy Grancanaria on facebook, then please just send us a friend request and we will be happy to except :-) !!
To find us type in our name as written above and we will come up....

To log into facebook click on the link below.
More information:

28 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Jan, Tanska
Hi Ellen and Dave
I want to thank everyone at dive academy for helping make my holiday to Gran Canarias a very memorable experience. Ellen gave me a good and very professional introduction in the pool to prepare me for my first OW Dive, which went to be a great experience. My next dives with Mik, to end the OWD, was made in the same manner, he was as an old friend and very professional. To go to the next step, AOWD, was a very good recommendation and made my holidays top class. The dives were incredible, it was all very well organized and gave me the opportunity to really discover diving from the best side. This includes being picked up and dropped off at my accommodation spot on time!! Mik was a fantastic instructor, aware of safety, familiar with the dive sites and willing to give tips on how to improve technique. I wouldn't hesitate recommending your company to friends. Thanks again....By the way, I took my E-learning before I went to G.C and for me it was very good. Oh ya! The Academy helps you with every thing, including putt on your fins – for safety, they said – for care in my opinion.

11 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Niels G. Pettersen, Norja
Dear fellow divers,
Being a diver and an instructor myself, I´ve had the chance to work and dive all over the world. Nevertheless, I always seem to come back to the Dive Academy in Arguineguin. Great facilities, great service, excellent dive spots, and not least great people. Dave and Ellen will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, and the carefully selected staff is well trained, professional, and their all fun to be with. If you´r considering diving in Gran Canaria, you know where to go!
Best regards,
Niels G. Pettersen
PADI OWSI # 508021

8 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Megan Cook, son-Britannian
omg what a brill day we had was so glad we had the chance to do it and was so happy as i held a star fish lol, deff doing it again, best thing iv ever done thanks to every one for helping us as beth said we were a nightmare lol. x

8 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti beth briggs, son-Britannian
Thankyou soooo much for helping us as we were a nightmare haha, we had a brilliant time, wud deffinatly do it again! miss gran canaria :-(

the plymouth girls x x

6 huhtikuu 2009, Viesti Brian Tracey, Irlanti
Hi Guys
Thank you so much for all your help and professional attention during our Advanced Open Water course, we had a wonderful time especially the wreck and night dives. Top marks go to all your divers but special mention goes to mick and nick 2 of the best and we loved every minute with them thanks guys we will defo be back soon

30 maaliskuu 2009, Viesti Jayson Elkins, son-Britannian
Hi Guys n Gals, thanks very much for the diving experience, had loads of fun, I'll be coming back when next in GC!

And many thx too for all your help with my passport trauma, much appreciated

Jays :-)

20 maaliskuu 2009, Viesti Alan, Ruotsi
Hello everyone at Dive Academy

I would like to thank you all for two very good dives and a very good service.

Although i could only fit in two dives during my holiday you made them very special for me, i will not forget the Angel shark and the big rays we saw, also the amount of fish it was fantastic.

Thank you once again and i will see you later this year.

9 maaliskuu 2009, Viesti Jackie, Irlanti
Hey guys!!

Just a quick email to say that we had a fantasic day with the two guys yesterday!! and the diving was brilliant!!

Will Definitly be coming back again soon and i´d have no problem recommending your centre to any other divers back in ireland!

26 helmikuu 2009, Viesti scott, Ruth and callum, son-Britannian
Dear Ellen,

Thank you for the excellent day we had with you last week on our discover scuba course. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure Ruth and Callum will take it further - I'm probably going to stick to trying to stay above the waves!
When we were getting kitted up by the pool, Nick took some pictures. I know that soon after this the camera was needed else where. If you still have the pics, would it be at all possible for you to send (e-mail) them to us? We didnt take any ourselves, and as this was the best day of our holiday, it would be a shame not to have a record.

Best regards

Scott, Ruth & Callum Metcalfe

22 helmikuu 2009, Viesti Paul Hodgkiss, son-Britannian
hello, a big thank you for looking after me on my recent trip and getting me through the advanced open water. Once again I enjoyed my experience and had lots of fun. I look forward to returning in the future to complete some more training and fun dives. Please pass on my e mail to mick so that i may keep in touch. once again many thanks and best wishes....Paul Nev is recovering well from his op and we are talking of a return in 2010.....think i might get back sooner!! :-)

20 helmikuu 2009, Viesti dafasdfasdfasdf, son-Britannian
Hi everyone at Dive Academy!

Just a quick message to say thank you for a great diving experience on the 5th February. Special big thanks to Mick and Nick, you were awesome! Hope you're well..

Enjoy the rest of the 'winter'!:)

All the best,
Niina & Tony

13 helmikuu 2009, Viesti Jon, son-Britannian
Hi all

Sorry for the delay in this message.

I often read about bad experiences divers have from dive centres but in this case I feel its important to recognize a exceptional service provided by a Dive Academy.
I have dived with them now several times over the past 3 years including doing my Dive Master. It was during this time I competed a PADI Gas blender course to better understand how I could help mix gas divers and better understand their equipment. This opened my eyes to the incredible world of technical diving and deep exploration I was then determined to compete my Tec Deep
Because of the amount of academic work as part of this course I was sent the presentations and completed the knowledge reviews with plenty of time to complete them before flying out to Gran Canaria and one point were in nearly daily communication via email.
This allowed me to completely concentrate on the diving and skills needed for a demanding technical course with only a small amount of academic work needed during my holiday.
Because of the extra time I was also able to complete an extra course on the boat handling.
Thanks again to all at Dive Academy and I will see you all again soon..

8 helmikuu 2009, Viesti Joseph_Grinnell, Amerikan yhdysvallat
J'ai appris beaucoup au sujet de «diving» sur votre site web. Merci.
Joseph Normand Grinnell.
Rédacteur en chef de «Le Journal du Maudit Gratteux.»
Grand Isle, Maine, États-Unis.

6 helmikuu 2009, Viesti Angela Reed, Espanja
Hi Ellen & Dave,
Thank you so much for the excellent service. Also a special thank you to Mike who was Ron's instructor today. It was an excellent 70th Birthday for him. So glad that we chose The Dive Academy.

6 helmikuu 2009, Viesti Angela Reed, Espanja
Hi Ellen & Dave,
Thank you so much for the excellent service. Also a special thank you to Mike who was Ron's instructor today. It was an excellent 70th Birthday for him. So glad that we chose The Dive Academy.

28 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Rita, Norja
Hi Ellen and Dave,
I hope you are enjoying a proper skiing holiday in Norway !!

Also I want to say that diving with you end of December was wonderful. Ellen , you must be the best instructor ever. I felt so great after the dives and felt I got maximum out of every minute and the sites were amazing!! I can only recommend your dive center to everybody and hope they listen to a good recommendation.

Again thanks, and I will be back.


16 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Lisa, Amerikan yhdysvallat
Dave and Ellen,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to complete my Divemaster Internship at Dive Academy. I think DA was definitely a good choice because I wasn't overwhelmed and I always felt like a member of the team, not just a person to lift cylinders. I feel like a completely different diver than when I started and I know that when I go on to my IDC I will be well prepared. It was always a great environment with and good fun with all the customers!

Thanks for putting up with my unfortunate heritage and you'll be happy to know my family things I speak like an English person now... I wish you the best and I'll keep you posted on where I end up!

15 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Herbert Rosén, Ruotsi
Ellen and Mike!

Thank you very much for providing a great first diving experience! Ellen, your confidence in Mariana making her first dive despite that she was nervous made all the difference for her and I really want to acknowledge you for that. Otherwise she most probably wouldn't have followed through and gone into the sea. We are both interested in exploring more of the world under the surface and now we know where to go. We will be delighted to come back to you.

Best regards!

/Herbert & Mariana

13 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Miriam and Ron, Alankomaat
Already back in the cold in Holland for more than a week, but still not used to it!

Ellen, thanks again for the wonderful experience you gave Miram on her first dive. After a very good and relaxed introduction in the pool, you gave her all the confidence she needed to go with you to Arinaga and enjoy over 50 minutes of under water life on her first dive ever.

She really had a good experience, and I enjoyed seeing both of you under water and you taking care of her so well. I hope one day she will do her open water course and become her dad's buddy, but I am sure her first encounter with the under water world under your guidance will have encouraged it.

Thanks again for a wonderful time, and for sure see you next year!

Ron and Miriam

3 joulukuu 2009, Viesti Minna Viitala, Suomi
Hello Dave and Ellen!
Thank you again for wonderful dives I had on holiday. What a pity I had to become ill, I had planned more divings with you. But these dives we did saved my holiday. So I want to wish you a Happy New Year, maybe we´ll meet again next year!
Best wishes from Minna, Finland
P.S. I managed to take some videoclips at the divings, I can send it to you after editing.

30 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Ellis, Alankomaat
Hello Dave and Ellen,

I'm too late for christmas, but I like to wish you all the best for 2009, with lots of love, fun, good health, good luck, good business and lots of smileys...

I like to put on your website as well that, even I was never a 'normal customer', the service and quality at dive academy is great. Now I have some more experience with working for other divecenters and diveinstructors/masters, and working for them, even as a instructor I know better how important it is to have a good basic and this you will get in your divemastercourse. I can recommend everybody who wants to go PRO to start your divemaster with dave and ellen, because you will get the most out of it and they will make you a well trained divemaster who knows how to do your job. During my work as divemaster and also during my IDC, and still now working as a instructor, Im very thankfull to Dive Academy knowing that I learned a lot there and they make me who I am. I think no much other divecenters could trained me like this. I still using a lot of tips and advised which Dave and Ellen teached me if Im teaching an open water diver course or if want to help divemaster I'm working with.

Also if you just want to dive for fun and dont want to go PRO, I can garantee everybody that beside of a very good service, high professionalism and lots of smiles and fun, you will just get that little extra from them. And Im sure you wont get that from every divecenter.

I like to say so many thanks (again) to Dave and Ellen. Im happy I worked for you one year to get good experience, sometimes it was hard work, but beside of this it was also always lots of fun and I still miss you!! You are fantastic!

I will email you soon. Hopefully you have great newyearseve.

A big hug for both of you and also for all the nice repeating customers I met at Dive Academy. Btw I did already 8 certifications and just have my instructor status like 2 weeks!!

Ellis xx

27 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Svein Sivertsen, Norja
Hi Dave and Ellen!
We wish you a happy new year and look forward to see you again i Feburary.
2 weeks of dive & relax :-)

24 joulukuu 2008, Viesti chewy, son-Britannian
Happy christmas...... dave, ellen and all at dive academy.

24 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Sonja, Alankomaat
mary christmas and a happy new year.
We love you and we mis you. Sonja and Willem (parents from Leo).

24 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Sonja, Alankomaat
mary christmas and a happy new year.
We love you and we mis youSonja and Willem(parents from Leo).

20 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Mereana, son-Britannian
Great site. When I'm not diving, I love to come here for the wonderful photos! Please email me when you update:

24 marraskuu 2008, Viesti Scott, Tanska
just come back from diving with dave and elle and the team.very helpful and friendly,nothing too much trouble.really enjoyed the dives we did and look forward to returning very soon.unfortunately now its back to the cold waters of the north east.thanks again guys.

24 marraskuu 2008, Viesti Steven , Espanja
Hi Dave and Ellen,

We had a brilliant day yesterday. Mick and Lisa were great and it was superb to dive just the four of us, relaxing and peaceful. Greg loved it and it was hard to believe that he had not dived in three years. He was very impressed both by the dive itself and the service from you guys. He will most certainly be back in the future. We wil be probably be back down in three or four weeks, certainly before Christmas. Have a good week and thanks again.


21 marraskuu 2008, Viesti Thias, Sveitsi
Excellent, new and very well maintained equipment, lovely and welcoming peolple, I would definetely dive with them again and totally recommend. Plus: pick up and drop off at the hotel. Very reasonable cost for two dives. Very special, absolutely lived up for my expectancies of the Grand Canaria. I hope to repeat the experience soon. Thanks

30 lokakuu 2008, Viesti richard, Alankomaat
Hola Everyone!

After a very long day and night i finally arrived! in very cold Groningen (Holanda) im wearing a lot off clothes at the moment its not funny! I already miss the sunshine and diving! but only 10 more days til my new destination Mexico!

I want to thank Dave and Ellen for everything, youve done a lot for me and every day was a schoolday!:) Also thanks to all the DMT's it was good fun!

Safe Diving! Take care!

Rich. (dickkebeza)

30 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
Hi Guys
What can I say yet another fantastic week of service and diving. I you are reading this and thinking of diving with Dave, Ellen and the team dont think just do it ! you wont be dissapointed. See you all soon.

Simon :))))))

29 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Chris, son-Britannian
Hello from a freeezing cold Manchester. Thanks to everyone at the dive academy. I had a great time, and am looking forward to coming back in the new year. Hope Lisa finally got all her book read, and wish her all the luck with her tests.

My padi card had arrived at home before I had as well! lol

So until the new year, hasta :)

20 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Neil & Wendy, son-Britannian
Greetings from Felmingham in Norfolk, England from us both. Firstly I apologise for the delay in posting a message of thank's to a fantastic dive club that we both look forward to returning to in September 09. Wendy has booked the room @ Anfi already and put her holiday reservation in at work so expect to see you around the 8th September!
Thank's to Richard who will probably be on his way I think tomorrow, best wishes to him on his next diving position. Hope to see J.B is still with you next year, we enjoyed his company. Good luck to Carla and Nils with their Divemaster courses, no doubt we will see Nils next year if our holidays match as they have done the last 2 years. Dave & Ellen, thank you both especially for the care and hospitality you always show us, we feel very privileged the way you take us into your personal lives. You have always been there when we wanted help and guidance, even from the U.K regarding diving advice in other European resorts, please don't ever change, that's what makes you a step above the other dive schools. Wendy was really chuffed with the Birthday cake and would like a photo if Marie managed to email some from her last night "dining out" .
To sum up The Dive Academy, it's totally Professional and approachable, good fun, it will leave you with happy memories to reflect upon and leave you longing for more smiles after some great diving trips amongst great company.

Neil & Wendy

14 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Raymond, Irlanti
came home to Ireland today but could not wait to say what a fantastic time I had. Took my open water course and could not ask for better. I would like to thank the whole crew as they are a super team friendly polite and great fun to learn with plus the coffe is good at the dive centre. Thank you all again for making my holiday.

11 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Rogier & Anika, Alankomaat
Hi Guys,

We want to thank you for the wonderfull experience. It's been really great and we are verry happy with our open water license.

Richard, thanks for the good classes.

Best regards,
Rogier & Anika

4 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Rory & Aileen Cameron, son-Britannian
Hi Ellen,Dave,JB & Richard
Back home in sunny Scotland, it is honest!! :-) We just wanted to say again a BIG THANK YOU for the FANTASTIC set of dives you gave us and ALL the hard work YOU GUYS did, we`ve never been to a dive center where all we had to do was get to the water, it felt really strange to have EVERYTHING done for us.
We will be back and WILL only use DIVE ACADEMY when we do.
To anyone who is considering diving in Gran Canaria we will say "it has to be Dive Academy".
Thanks again guys, good diving till we see you once more.
All the best.
Rory & Aileen :-) :-) (two extremely happy divers)

2 lokakuu 2008, Viesti Florian Koller, Saksa
Back to reality - Hope there goes gravity! Already 5 weeks back in g´ o´ Germany... only 7 C and snow is falling over 1000m in Bavaria - but there are still 4 days Oktoberfest in Munich. Thanx for the nice divings around the island and great fun with the DAGC-crew . Hope to see you all in 2009. Have a nice time. Ride the lightnin´ ! Flo P.S. Hey Rich - take care of "Tiefenrausch" ;-)

30 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Jon, Norja
Hi Guys. Had a really good time diving with you in Arinaga. Hope to come back one day and dive some more.
To those thinking about Gran Canaria, this is the best crew to go with.
Thanks again guys.

25 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, J.B. & Richard,

I see some gloomy (rainy even) weather on your webcam. It must be because I've left! Back here in Copenhagen, it's sunny, not a cloud in sight and ..... 15 degrees celsius :-|.

Anyway, thanx for a splendid 3 weeks at your Academy. Even though I had to do some actual work (!!!) it was great fun. And now I've begun to get into the swing of things, completed some of the exams and the practical excercises, I will complete my Divemaster Course in no time - when I return soon-ish ;-).

Thanx to Richard, J.B. and Marie (now back in Oslo on her first night shift) for (trying) to learn my how to do all the different skills a Divemaster must master to perfection. You all have your different teaching style ..... but you are all very professional & and at the same time fun to be 'round.

Good luck with your Divemaster Course, Carla. Keep up the good work! Fingers crossed :-).

Thanx also to Wendy, Neil, Mary, Paul, Douglas + the ones I've forgotten, for making the 3 weeks even more fun!

See you, for the 7th time, soon :-).


23 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Gareth gealy, son-Britannian
Hi Dave Ellen Richard and gang
thanks for making my 3 day course for my open water an enjoyable experience, in particular a big thank you to Richard my instructor, you were brilliant and very patient especially as i have triuble equalizing my inner ear pressure. The plan of getting a lot of the theory work done in one day and breaking that up with all the pool work was a master stroke, well done to however thought that up.
As Arnie said " i shall be back" . Hopefully see you next year.

21 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Radomir, Irlanti
Hi Dave, Ellen,Maria and Richard
I just want to thank you for great two months in july and august in your dive center where I was doing my divemaster internship.Everything was really perfect and I learned a lots of stuff around diving and work in dive center,gained a lot experience and huge amount of scuba diving knowledge .I would sincerely recommend anybody who wants to do divemaster internship your dive center.
One more time thanks for everything , for your patience and sorry for few broken things:) Richard and Maria it was my pleasure to be your divemaster.

14 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Christina, son-Britannian
Thanks for another great day with you all, fantastic professional atmosphere and a good 'crack' and Hayley finally made Discover Scuba!!!! (She still will not relax!)
Cheers Guys
Chris, Graham, Hayley and JJ

10 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Richard Turner., Amerikan yhdysvallat
We visited paradise island in july with my family. We all completed dive programmes, my wife and 11yr old daughter completed open water and my son, his girlfriend and me advanced open water and nitrox. Great diving and a friendly an helpful team at Dive Academy.

2 syyskuu 2008, Viesti Ruth, son-Britannian
Dave & Ellen,
Thank you for a wonderful week. Dave,I really enjoyed my diving experience to the point that I know can’t stay out of the water. Learning to dive from someone who truly understands how to be calm, collected and safe; qualities that are worth learning, and lead to endless hours of enjoyable diving experiences. It truly was a pleasure and my fortune to learn from a Master :-) . I hope to see you again in the near future.
All the best,

31 elokuu 2008, Viesti Daran Toms, son-Britannian
Hi, Dave, Ellen and crew
A special thanks for all your help with the girls whilst Julie and myself were diving. Hope to all come back again some time for the Mantas.
You were all courteous, helpful, professional and very friendly.
To anyone looking for somewhere to dive in Gran Canaria, this is the place, a one stop shop that caters for all. They collected us from our Hotel took us back at the end of the day & washed our kit, what more can i say, we would definatley come back for more.
Thanks again
Daran, Julie, Ellie & Courtney xxx (Toms)

31 elokuu 2008, Viesti Jon and Jenny, Irlanti
Just thought we'd drop you a line to say thanks for last week. The four dives were amazing, yes, even the rays, which made me squeal like a baby!
Even the boat rides were brilliant - Well done!
Can't wait until we are back out there, we'll definately be diving with you guys again.

Cheers Jon and Jenny

27 elokuu 2008, Viesti Andy Jeffery, Espanja
After a holiday on Gran Canaria and diving a few times with Dive Academy I ended up moving to the island. I wanted to do the Rescue diver course and also Divemaster and Dive Academy was the place I wanted to do these courses. I contacted Dave and Ellen and started an Internship with them. I can say to any one thinking of doing any Padi course that THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT. The academy is always very professional with a relaxed friendly approach to both customers and staff. I completed both courses and feel that I could not have received better instruction and on the job training anywhere else. I thank Dave, Ellen and Rich for everything and for becoming very dear friends. Unfortunately due to other comitments I have had to move off the island but know whenever I return for a holiday I will be back to Dive Academy for some more 1st class friendy service which can not be beaten. I am so proud to have competed my Divemaster course with such a fantastic Dive Centre.

Thank you once again Dave , Ellen and Rich.
See you all soon
Andy Jeffery

25 elokuu 2008, Viesti Florian Koller, Saksa
Hi ladies and gents,
nice to hear your fine! Yeah it was nice diving with the EnglishIrishDanishSpanishNetherlandBavarian-Squad;-)! Still three more days on the GCisland and two boat-dives to go. Rock on! FloMAN

24 elokuu 2008, Viesti Tom, Irlanti
Hi all, and thanks for the dives and your hospitality over the last two weeks.

I will be posting the pics up online at <a href=></a> in the next few days.

See you all again soon

Safe Diving
Tom (From Ireland)

17 elokuu 2008, Viesti Anne E. Nygaard, Tanska
Hi guys
Thank you for some 10 beautiful dives, at Sardina with angelfish and the artificial reef Arguineguin.
Boatdives and shoredives with transport in your van.
The service are on top, you all do
a splended job and deserve your 5-stars.
See you again later. We have had this very good service the 3 times we have dived together with you and your staff.
Best regards
Anne & Jørgen

16 elokuu 2008, Viesti Carla Reardon, son-Britannian
Hey everyone at dive gran canaria,

Cant wait to come and do my divemaster internship in september, ive been counting down the days and looking at the weather and your webcam on the site and getting very excited!

Ive also just been made redundant so im glad ive got something to look forward to, and certainly no reason to stick anround here anymore!

C u guys on the 1st of September!

Carla, UK

14 elokuu 2008, Viesti Rannveig, Norja
Dear Ellen, Richard, Rado, Marie and Dave,

Thank you for a great week here on the Dive Academy. It was a pleasure to meet you, I had so much fun. You offer the best of service and you make me as a guest feel so welcome. Hope to come dive with you again some time! As if not as a rescue diver, at least as an advanced open water diver ;-)


Rannveig (Randi)

8 elokuu 2008, Viesti Anna, Norja
Thank you to all the team at Dive Academy for teaching me my Padi Open Water. I was a little apprehensive to travel alone and come to a dive centre where i knew nobody, but i so did not have to worry. I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed every minute of my course.
I do not have anything to compare it with, but the service i had was excellent, but i have been told now i am back home, that i was spoilt. So thank you for that!
I will be back in Febuary do make my Advanced Open Water, but until then happy diving.


6 elokuu 2008, Viesti Dan, Espanja
Hi guys.

Just a quick line to say thanks for 25 fantastic dives over the last 8 weeks!

I've been well looked after from my first time using scuba in the pool through to completing my rescue diver course.

I've seen so many rays, angel sharks, barracudas, and i eventually found an octopus and now a turtle!

Ive had a great experience of the dive academy and hope to continue to dive with you guys for as long as i'm on the island.

To any prospective customers reading this, I cant recommend the Dive Academy enough, relaxed and easy going while safe and efficient, the perfect combination.

Here's looking forward to many more good days and brilliant dives.


27 heinäkuu 2008, Viesti Heather Turner, son-Britannian
Hello All!!!

Hope you are all well in your beautiful warm island ... not that i am jealous or anything.

Anyway i have to say a warm thanks for all my dives and my open water course. Especially to Marie who managed to succsessfully make my dad a PADI Scuba Diver when he couldn't belive he would do it.

Thank you for a great 2 weeks and we will see you in October (hopefully).



18 heinäkuu 2008, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja
Hmm, We are not sure what new we can put here on the message board, other than again confirming that the guys at Dive Academy has forever changed how we have holidays in our family. 3 out of four family members are now certified open water divers (Ingrid aged 10 being junior open water diver) – the fourth being only 3 years of age is having his first mask but still have to wait until turning 8 for his first bubbelmaker at Dive Academy . Be assured that all the staff at the academy will make you feel secure and safe when taking the first steps into the diving mystery – and you will also have a lot of fun during the course – guaranteed.

Dive Academy offers many places to dive and if they ask you if you want to go north to Sardina – DO IT – we went there yesterday and it was GREAT .

Ellen: Ingrid started off doing a bubblemaker with you 2 years ago and you have carefully brought here forward to her Junior Open Water certification – for that you and Dave have earned a special place in our harts. And how you managed to keep calm when Dag lost his mask, and not laughing your head off when Inger thought that the seabed monsters would eat here will always be a mystery.

Marie - a very nice norwegian instructor and the latest summer addition to the staff - also deserves a special mentioning - always being there for us and especially for Ingrid.

We haven’t left the Island yet and still have some money left so there’s more dives to look forward to.

:) Dag, Inger and Ingrid

PS: Sigurd is waiting for his mask :-)

17 kesäkuu 2008, Viesti brian john wakefield, Irlanti
Hi Dave and Ellen,thank you again for a great week of diving.I know where the best steak can be found and now I know where the best dive academyis.You run it extreemely professionally but with a great feeling of friendship and helping with every detail.It was so relaxing to have your bottles changed and at the end of the dives chill out with an excellent cup of coffee was reminiscent of Raffles.I hope you keep up the standard because I will be back later this year for more diving.
Well done and thanks!

15 kesäkuu 2008, Viesti Lucy, son-Britannian
Hello all!!

Can't thank you enough for an amazing three days and all the other fun in the week. Have to say I think we were both a tad nervous about the whole thing, but step by step we got there and I can't wait to go on another dive somewhere abit colder at home! Then I'm sure it will be back to your place before you know it .... bet you can't wait.

It's a tad depressing looking at that web cam picture as I would love to be back there right now.

Anyway, all the best for the summer madness, speak to you soon

Lucy and Gaz

8 kesäkuu 2008, Viesti Joy, son-Britannian
Hey Guys
Just wanted to send you a BIG thank you from across the seas. I now sit in London :(( cold, cloudy, rainy... urgh.... day dreaming about Las Palmas, the sand, sea and sun :))!! Congratulations on making such a brilliant choice on improving your quality of life!!

Found out that we were pretty spoilt on our trip.. Apparently the normal thing is that we get our kit in bits, it's up to us to set up our own equipment, carry it, put it on etc, clean it... (yeah right!!!!) and you guys really looked after us by getting all our kit ready for us and helping us put it on etc... spoilt I tell ya!!! I guess I didn't really appreciate the level of service we were getting until I was told how lucky we've been!!! As this was my first experience on a dive trip - thought I'd let you know that it was awesome and yes, I do very much appreciate the way handled such a big group and the work you put into making it excellent for us all :)))

Everyone had heaps of fun, you guys made it a great experience.
So thanks again, wishing you all the best and please stay in touch!

PS - I got my PADI Open Water ID Card last night.... WHOOHOO!!!

2 kesäkuu 2008, Viesti ian park, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen
Thanks to you both and all the staff for a great few days diving , really enjoyed it . To any one reading this message board , You really dont need to look any where else for amazing service and care , shame more are not like this
See you again !!
Ian ,blackpool

2 kesäkuu 2008, Viesti Aoife, Irlanti
Hi Guys,
Thanks for everything, It was an amazing experience. Diffenetly got the diving bug now!

28 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Shaun Law, son-Britannian
Hey Dave, Ellen and gang
Our group had a fantastic time in Gran Canaria last week and it was all down to you guys. The logistics of handling 18 people at different stages of their diving "lives" is complex, but you guys handled it in such a winning way everyone is already asking about when we'll all next be diving. It's probably the best experience with a dive crew I've had, and I've toured many parts of the diving world already.
Hope things remain sunny for you and that we all dive together sometime soon again! Love some of those pictures you've put up by the way ;)

24 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Niamh , Irlanti
Andy, Ellen and Dave - just a quick note to say a massive "thanks a million" :-) to you all for looking aftter us! Ya sure had your work cut out with me anyhow! ;-) A credit to your patience and dedication! We all really enjoyed it (homework and all ;-) ) A special shout-out to Andy ! Delighted to have you as my "buddy" anytime ;-) Best of luck in your own course - you'll be a real asset to an already excellent diving centre!!!
Slán go foill ! Take Care!

23 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Robin en Luuk, Alankomaat
Hi to Ellen, Dave, Claudia, Richard and Andy,

Effe in NL verder Richard kan het wel vertalen:)
Zo we zijn na de nodige vertragingen weer veilig thuis aangekomen:) en tja het gewone leventje gaat weer verder waar het is gebleven:)

We willen jullie nog bedanken voor de prettige duikervaringen en het bewonderen van de Engelhaai:) en uiteraard het behalen van de Advance Open Water:) Kunnen we weer fijn verder gaan oefenen in de rest van de wereld en over 2 jaar weer aankloppen op Gran Canaria voor een dive:)

Tot snel alvast,

Robin en Luuk

22 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Fordy, Australia
Hello to you all at the Dive Academy,

When I read all these messages before coming out to dive, i found it hard to believe you were so good?

But now having dived with you all for 2 weeks of varied and diverse sites, I have to say "I believe them all !"

Thank you for the care and attention you showed to not just me, but all the people in our group.

We will be back next year.....

Till then...

15 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Paul Hodgkiss, son-Britannian
Hi to Ellen, Claudia, Richard and Mike.
I enjoyed the try dive and would like to thank ellen and claudia for taking me to the marine reserve and showing me the wonderful sights. FANTASTIC!! will be along again to complete my open water qualification as soon as I can !!
By the way A big hello from Nev.
Once again many many thanks I'm hooked!! Paul xx

5 toukokuu 2008, Viesti Rolf, Tanska
I would like to say thank you to Ellen and Andy for giving me a great experience, at Arinaga 26. april (Ellens birthday!!)
I had the best time, with two great dives. It was my first dives since my Open Water Course. I felt very safe, with the two very professional and experienced divers.
I would like give my best recommendations to Dive Academy, Gran Canaria! Thumbs up!!
Thank you again. I'll be back! :)
And in Danish:
Hvis du skal til Gran Canaria og dykke, så er Dive Academy i Arguineguin det rigtige sted at tage hen. Det drevet af meget professionelle, dygtige og venlige personer. Udstyret og sikkerheden er i top, og priserne i bund. Jeg fik en super fed dag med to dyk på hver ca. 40 min, transport til dykkerstedet, guidet tur under vandet samt fuldt udstyr for kun 610 kr. Super dag! :)

27 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti devon, son-Britannian
I would just like to say hello and a big thank you to Ellen for all her support and patience she shown to me on my very first diving lesson in the pool and at Aringa marine reserve. I am 11 year old and already hooked on scuba diving and I have every intention of carying on diving for the rest of my life and hopefully one day i will be as good as you Ellen and I look forward to coming back to the dive accademy in the near future and look forward to seeing you all soon and to improve my diving skills hope to see you soon
love to you all
Devon (karls grandaughter)

20 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti Richard, son-Britannian

We have now been on our third visit to dive with Dave, Ellen and their team - yet again we had a wonderful time and were able to visit new dive sites, together with our favourites from our previous visits. As always the team at Dive Academy made everything so easy and it was wonderful to see them again. :)

Previously we have just dived for fun with Dive Academy, but this time we decided to do a speciality course while we were there. We were really pleased how the course was integrated seamlessly into the weeks diving without detracting from everyone else's enjoyment.

The people we dived with were again great company. Dave and Ellen did a wonderful job of scheduling us all so that everyone got to do the dives they wanted. We would like to say hello to a couple of the people that we regularly dived with during the week - Rocky, we said hello to Doc Adey for you and we have some pictures you might like - Ian from York, we have some great pictures of the critters that you kept pointing out for Nic - Also 'Hi' to the two guys from Norway who joined us on the Las Palmas dive.

Before we arrived we had wondered if a third visit could possibly be as good as the previous two, but in the end we were so happy that we are now planning our fourth - Gran Canaria has loads more left to offer. We are really looking forward to the next time.

We want to say thanks to everyone at Dive Academy for another great holiday and also to say 'see you in January' :)

Rich and Nic

18 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti John, kim jack and alix, son-Britannian
Hi guys . Like to thank Ellen for everything , the diving was great as usual. Look forward to seeing you all in May.Thanks again John, kim jack and alix.

8 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti Ian, son-Britannian
Oh i should add - although Rich is actually Dutch ------ hes OK LoL

8 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti Ian, son-Britannian
Dive Academy is without doubt one ( the no1) in both profesionalism and freindly service i have come accross in a very long time.

The level of service is second to no other dive operator i have come accross in 20 years of recreational and profesional diving.

Nothing was ever too much trouble and advice, local knowledge and assistance was forthcoming with some impressive pro active thought.

Dave, Ellen, Rich, Claudia, Andy - well done guys. Well impressed - however you might live to regret it when i return with a much bigger group !!!!! - Ian

7 huhtikuu 2008, Viesti Will, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen, Rich, Claudia and anyone interested in diving!!!!

I looked into doing my Open Water and Advanced in a number of countries and centres. However, I could never have imagined the fantastic level of service, support and training that the Dive Academy provides. From when I put my initial interest e-mail through for the Open Water course up to leaving the country Dave, Ellen, Rich and 'Bruce' were fantastic in every way!!!! They provided all the answers I needed very quickly through e-mail and even helped find accommodation in the country! I travelled over on my own and they all made sure I was made very welcome and gave good tips on where to visit. The training was fantastic, very relaxed and progressed at your own pace, starting off in their own pool helps with the initial nerves ('having a moment(s)'!!!) then out to the numerous dive sites they frequent either by transport or via their own boat!!! All the dive sites offer a large number of surprises and excitement, the number of fish is incredible!!!!

The dive centre provides an incredibly high level of service, equipment and support. On a personal note, Dave, Ellen, Rich and Claudia are all high-calibre people and you could not hope to meet more professional and, quite frankly, nicer people anywhere.

I seriously advise anyone wishing to dive in Gran Canaria, or to learn diving full stop, to give the Dive Academy a call!!!

All the best guys and thank you so much for making the trip one to remember. I hope to be back with you soon!!!


25 maaliskuu 2008, Viesti Anna, son-Britannian
ciao! :-)

back to london and miss u already.... it was snowing here yesterday.... for god sake.... :-( …i’ve been back for only a couple of days but it feels like a month.... guys... u don't know what u started!!!... u created a serial diver!!!.... i'm off to dahab in may and malta in july and i promise u... someday... i'll be back at the academy to show daddy my logbook :-D
ellen thx for retrieving my watch!!!!...
daddy dave u r a fantastic person :-) …. to anyone who’s reading this... dave can combine high level of experience and professionalism with a cracking sense of humor... he’s got many stories to tell and he’s super sweet …. u really cracked me up when you made that bubble ring… ha ha .....u r da best <3
lots of tlc to richard and stop picking on toblerone her name is claudiaaaa!!!!!!!!



24 maaliskuu 2008, Viesti Brian Gabriel, son-Britannian
Do you want to dive with the beautiful Ellen and Claudia one each side of you! I can really recommend it, what's more they teach you things too, and after the dive, well they wash up after you AND bring you drinks and nibbles for afters.
Do you want to dive with the handsome Dave and Richard alongside you and teaching you all their tricks too, and after the dive, well they wash up after you AND bring you drinks and nibbles for afters!
What a life but only at DIVE ACADEMY GRAN CANARIA.
Thanks a million.

23 maaliskuu 2008, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja

It all started with Ingrid nearly two years ago (then 8 years old) doing her first bubblemaker with Ellen – the proud father was invited to do a Discover Scuba Diving – but NO diving was for daughters not for fathers ! Well … to make a long story short: after growing pressure from both family and the guys at the Dive Centre the now more enthusiastic father has done his Open Water Diver certification during Easter at the Dive Academy – the rest of the family is already getting a little tired of looking at the certification and watching the I´m a certified diver dance

With Ellen as instructor and Claudia as assistant you are in safe hands all the way, and they will make sure that you have enough knowledge and training to become a confident and safe diver with a lot of fun in the process.

And to all you readers : we trust Ellen and Dave to teach our daughter diving – what better recommendation can you give anyone ?

Our family has now finished the first chapter in our book “Down and up again – a divers tale” - during summer Ingrid will finish her Junior-OWD and mom will do here OWD at the Dive Academy. Sigurd (3) will have to continue using the little pool for a while.

We had a great evening out with you guys before we flew back to Norway. We look forward to the summer when we are back again for more diving and fun both in and out of the water !

Inger, Ingrid, Sigurd and Dag

20 maaliskuu 2008, Viesti Svein & Ragnhild , Norja
This is the way to cope with the nordic winter - two weeks of great weather and diving with our friends at DAGC -
This time I got to dive on both the "Cathedral" and "Kalis" and finally finish my AOWD sert. Ragnhild really renewd her fascination for diving and we hope for a nice season i Norway this year.
We keep coming back - always some new people in the staff but same great atmosphere and service! You guys keep diving alive for us - thanx

4 maaliskuu 2008, Viesti Jonathan Haydock, son-Britannian
Hi guys

I would like to say a HUGE thanks for a fantastic week of diving and fun. We enjoyed each dive and also felt we learnt a lot from the Nitrox course. Thanks also for getting our car back from the pound!

Richard - don't worry about being the youngest at Dive Academy; they are just jealous.

We hope to be back in GC soon….

Jonathan & Hannah

26 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Marian Davies, son-Britannian
Hi Elllen, Dave, Richard,

Back in blighty now and boy is it freezing cold! Big thankyou for a great course and such fun. I feel very confident now in going diving on my journeys to OZ and Vietnam - and have received my OWD card already/! Also have a much better idea on seaching on the internet for a good dive school! Agree with everyone else, that you are the best dive school in Gran Canaria, and glad I took the correct advice.

Best Wishes


23 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Jon, Norja
Well the team at Dive Academy managed to pull it off again, with more than perfect service and a great atmosphere! What more could one ask for, than to have all your equipment carried from and to the boat and even help you put it on in the boat, I have never had someone help me on with my fins before, but the help was more than welcome.
Keep up the good work and I will be back in October for more.

21 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Simon Ames, son-Britannian
Hi guys
Back in the freezing cold UK as you know !!!.As usual the service and diving was the best,if anyone reads this and wonders if they should Dive with the team at Dive Acadamy then stop wondering you will not get this level of service anywere else in the world never mind in the canaries.

See you all soon


18 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Kim D. Egtved, Tanska
Dear Ellen,

Please receive our THANK YOU for some great days at your diving Center. Your never ending optimism, encouragement, and endless trust in our final success was unparalleled. Teaching my wife Lene, who never before this diving course have had her head under water, so gentle and calmly, that she ended up with getting the Scuba Diver Certificate was a tremendous task, which you solved with finesse and professionalism. Looking into my 10 year old sons eyes, when he realized that he had past the final test, and now is the proud holder of the junior OWD certificate was priceless. Your kindness towards my mother-in-law, which helped her overcome the waiting in connection with us finishing the videos, pool and sea dives etc. was a major contributor to the overall success. So Ellen, Dave and Richard, THANK YOU to all of you, for some great days with a lot of fun, laughter, hard work and great diving experiences. THANK YOU for setting the future SAFE course for this family’s coming diving adventures. Maybe we will run into each other at some exotic corral reef somewhere in the world.

With kind regards,

Kim D. Egtved - Denmark

15 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Minna Viitala, Suomi
I got my OWD card three weeks after my last dive (24.12.) It´s very qute, nice picture of coral reef. And thank you Ellen for taking such a good photo of me! I have signed to AOWD course here in Finland for May, so I can have nice divings in June when we go to Greece. I got so good memories from my divings with you that they still warm me in Finlands cold and dark winter. Special thanks to Richard! I wish you all very good Valentines day!
Yours sincerely
Minna Viitala

14 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Robert Gaster, son-Britannian
Hey Guys, thanks so much for the diving. You guys really go above and beyond to make the diving experience relaxing and enjoyable. I'd definately love to go diving with you again, keep it up!

7 helmikuu 2008, Viesti Kristoffer, Norja
Hi folks!

Just want to tell you I had a great time diving with you guys on sunday and tuesday. Definitely the highlight of my vacation to Gran Canaria.

I'll get back to you as soon as I know more about when I'll return to the island.

Best regards for the freezing North,


31 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Peter, Tanska

I would just like to thank Ellen for being so patient with me, as this was my first attempt at diving. Everything seemed so much under control, and I felt very safe.

Thanks from Denmark

28 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Manuela, Alankomaat
Zo doorgaan! aan die complimenten te lezen doe jij/doen jullie het goed!
Groetjes vanuit Delfzijl.

27 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Eila, Ruotsi
I believe the Dive Academy in Arguineguin has the best instuctors in the world... At least I felt so as a beginner in the art of diving! Dave, who had the biggest task teaching this old, overweight girl to behave under water, was so patient, wise and wonderfully positive, as so did the cool kid from Holland, Richard, who tought me the final adjustments in the art of keepig the boyancy ( while Ellen was cleaning the place after the storm!). You are truly wonderful young people!! I hope you will keep going that way, and the world above and under the water will already be a bit better place.....

22 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Chris, Graham, Hayley & JJ, son-Britannian
Hi Ellen, Dave, Dorin (Doris)
A great big thanks for a superb day discovering scuba!!! What more can you ask for? Superb dive academy, very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, great diving and of course fantastic weather!!!
We will be back in August to have another crack at it and let's hope that Hayley will be able to dive in the sea this time. Many thanks to Dave for keeping little JJ entertained cos he is a bit of a handful to say the least!!!
Definately recommend this dive school to anyone.
Keep up the good work guys!!!
Best wishes

21 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Alexandra, Ruotsi
Thank you all for great diving and for your hospitality! I had great fun and special thanks to you Dave for your excellent guiding through my Advanced Course. I´ll be back!

20 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Tante Mina, Alankomaat
Moi laiverd,

Alles goed daar? Vast wel als ik dit zo lees en de foto's zie.
Veel plezier en tot......
Smok tante Mina en Willy


18 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Paul, Sue and Shaun, Irlanti
Sorry just to add to my last message, we will not just be back for diving, but FUN as well!

18 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Paul, Sue and Shaun, Irlanti
Just a quick message to say a big thank you for all your help on our Open Water course. You were all very professional and I really like the way you teach, whilst having fun at the same time. We will be back next year for more diving..

From Paul, Sue and Shaun

18 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Sue,Graham and Kerry McMann, son-Britannian
3rd Jan 2008
Hi there guys,
Thanks for a great day where we discovered scuba-diving!! Kerry loved it and wants to come back again next year to continue the buzz! We can't wait to see the photos in the gallery! Hope to see you all again soon...
Sue,Graham and Kerry (aged 11)

15 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Nelson, Saksa

Thank you very the two great dives last week. I was expecting just some practice dives in cold dark waters and as quite surprised to have actually enjoyed the dives in good visibility and colourful fish. The underwater Christmas tree was a first!

I'm afraid am not sure of the excellent Dutch dive master's name, but if you could let him know my e-mail so that he could send me a couple of photos of the dive, it would be great. the dive was on January 10th.

Thank you very much.


13 joulukuu 2008, Viesti liam nolan, son-Britannian
hay guys
thanks for the diving lol

8 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Tore & Lajla, Ruotsi
Hi there David, Ellen, Richard,Dorin and Viktor

Me and Lajla are back in cold Norway. It feels good to be back in our own bed , but we sure miss the sun you're having.
We want to thank you for some very good days , and for the enspireing education that you gave us. The very first thing we did last night when we got home , was to check on the internet for used gear :-)
Greetings to you all!!
Tore & Lajla

6 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Dorin, Richard & Victor,

Thanks again for a splendid X-mas / New Year at your excellent Dive Center. Also cheers to the divers & non-divers that I met (some for the 3rd time): Douglas, Liam, Mary, Paul, the Norwegian ladies and the ones I've forgotten & Ellis :-).

As the weather has been frosty, snowy & overcast since I returned to Copenhagen two days ago, I already look forward to my next southbound trip...

Until then, have a super 2008!


3 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Minna Viitala, Suomi
Hei Dave, Ellen, Dorin ja Richard!
Kiitos parhaasta joululahjasta: 24.12.2007 minusta tuli OWD! Oli ihana yllätys päästä venesukellukselle Moganin hylylle ja Pasito Blancoon. Richardille erityiskiitokset, hän piti minusta todella hyvää huolta! Seuraavalla joululomalla tapaamme aivan varmasti uudestaan! :-) XXX
Rakkain terveisin
Minna Viitala, Vantaa, Suomi

2 joulukuu 2008, Viesti erik bosscher, Alankomaat
moi richard,

de beste wensen voor 2008 :):)

groeten ERIK oet Delfsiel

2 joulukuu 2008, Viesti Rammon, Amerikan yhdysvallat
Happy New Year !
I hope to dive with you all again in 2008:-)
I would love to see the Mantas again this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always your friend, Rammon

2 joulukuu 2008, Viesti London Shoot Club., son-Britannian
Happy Hew Year to Team Dive Academy, properly the best dive guides in the world!
From the London shoot club.

1 joulukuu 2008, Viesti, Tanska
Happy New Year - hope it will bring a lot of exciting and relaxing dives.

Anne Nygaard

31 joulukuu 2007, Viesti dave grebby, son-Britannian
And i think you mean a better 2008 cyril?
no irish jokes here mate!!!... all the best to you all.

30 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Cyril Flannigan, son-Britannian
Hi there !
Hope you all had a great Christmas .... Heres to an even better 2007 !

15 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Markus Zuercher, Sveitsi
Hi guys, I had a very professional guided Advanced Course in your Dive Academy. You have had the abability to teach very balanced between the Theorie stuff the Practice and having Fun at the same time.
I can recommand this Dive Center to everybody . To beginners and also advanced divers. They are not only very professional and helpful but they also spoil you the whole stay long. Ellen, Dave, Richard and Dorin , thanks for the great 4 days I had with you and keep going the same pace ! (Dorin, the Cigars are excellent;-)

11 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Erik, Norja
To Dave,Ellen, Dorin and Richard,

Thank you for an amazing 2 weeks of scuba diving and laughs. The service you guys offer is perfect for people like me diving only on holiday. I hope to see you all again in the New Year. May be next time i will try not to break my camera.
Until then happy diving and Happy Christmas.

9 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Alex Young, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen, Richard, and anyone I've missed.
Thanks for a terrific two weeks. Missing Dive Academy already.
Had great fun diving and actually seeing at least 5 metres ahead of me (unlike the UK).

Hope to see you all soon

3 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Mike Bush, son-Britannian
Dear Dave,Ellen & Dorin,
I got back to the cold UK and missing you already! Thanks for a great week of diving and angel sharks - you said is was a quiet week for fish, but it seemed okay to me! No butterfly rays, though, so I'll just have to come back again!! What a bummer!!!!!!! :-) Looking forward to it already ... again thanks for a great week. Mike

2 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Ryan, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen, had a good few days of diving much better that imagined due to time of year, hopefully will be back again soon in next couple of months hopefully this time might take a dry wet suit back !! added 3kg in total! ha ha

cheers see you soon

23 marraskuu 2007, Viesti kevin, son-Britannian
Thanks for looking after us last week and for a great weeks diving. The Advanced Open Water Course was great fun and informative, as were the other dives afterwards. Great Fun, Great Sights, Great Service, Great Diving.

23 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Dave Harding, son-Britannian
Hi Guy's,
Just a quick message from the 2 Dave's to say thanks again for the hospitality and great divinig last week. Thanks also for recommending Canarios 1, we went on Friday night and had a great meal. Be assured that next time we are in gran canaria we will look you up for some more excelent diving . Thanks again Dave, Ellen, and all at the academy.

Dave & Dave

20 marraskuu 2007, Viesti John and Jack, son-Britannian
Hi Guys Thanks yet again , we had a brilliant week special thanks to Dave this time for taking Jack on his own on the night dive, really going out of his way to please.Absolute top diving and great company.
See you all soon John and Jack

17 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Lynn and Klaus, Saksa
Thank for a good week of dives and lots of laughs. I have never been at the dive centre before and I did not want to leave at the end of the day.
Do not listen to all the "do gooders" and move the webcam to show the training area :-) Please Please Please.

Lynn and Klaus

15 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Johnson family., son-Britannian
To the dive crew.
I would like to thank the whole team.
A big thank you for getting the Johnson family through their Padi Open Water course. We had lots of fun and saw lots of fish on our dives. It topped of our holiday when we say the Rays on our last dive in the bay.
As you said the pool is the best place to start and build everyones confidence. It was hard to keep the kids out, in the end.
We will be back next year and will be calling on you, to make our holiday go with a bang.
Until then greetings from cloudy Scarborough.

13 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Sol, son-Britannian
Thanks for looking after us, had a great time.


11 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Mark and Sally, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen.

Thanks very much for looking after us last week and for a great weeks diving. The Advanced Open Water Course was great fun and informative, as were the other dives afterwards. Great Fun, Great Sights, Great Service, Great Diving.

Mark and Sally

5 marraskuu 2007, Viesti Dimitri De Vilder, Belgia
Dear Ellen & Dave,

Many thanks for a truly fantastic diving experience. Kudos to a professional & dedicated team!

Dimitri De Vilder

26 lokakuu 2007, Viesti qwdQWDqwd, son-Britannian

26 lokakuu 2007, Viesti Martin Jacobsen, Norja
Hey guys.

Just wanted to thank you all for helping me become an open water diver. I hope I'll have the time to go down and dive again and meet you all.

Wish you all the best.

Martin Jacobsen

20 lokakuu 2007, Viesti Dag Nordlund, Norja
Hello again Ellen & Dave!

We are back in Norway and we are already missing the pool and the sea and the diving of course, thankfully it’s not that long until Easter. Once again we had a great time at the dive centre.

A big warning to all of you who are reading this and thinking of trying to dive (you who have been diving know what I’m writing about) : Do no try diving - it’s fun and if you let your kids try it - it builds confidence and they learn a lot . Suddenly your whole family has something to share and experience together. Take a look at our family, once we were a happy little family going about doing the "ordinary" holiday things, nearly every other tourist do – "mainly nothing." ! We where a happy family – "lazy though "– but happy just being in the warm sun.

Then Ingrid (currently 9 years old) on a holiday discovers that the Dive Academy do the Bubblemaker course. And from that first real dive in the pool with Ellen she was sold – and after a couple of more holidays at Gran Canarias and many visits to the dive centre with Ellen introducing us all to diving we are all sold and when Ingrid turns 10 we will all be ready to do our Open Water Diver Course at the Dive Centre (“finally” I think Ellen would say!). So we really blame Ellen and Dave for making some changes in our lives :-). Sigrid (3 years – who thinks he’s 8) can still fits inside an air bottle and will have to wait some years before he can join his sister as here buddy….

And finally if you have questions on children diving or doing a course yourself I know Ellen and Dave are happy to answer every question, And once again don’t try this you’ll end up as our family … doing something else and much more fun - and you don’t want that do you?

And perhaps you will end up having pictures posted at the dive center’s web site (finally Dave posted some pictures of us in the pool)

Ellen and Dave: See you at Easter time - and Susann and "Ron" sends their regards also !

20 lokakuu 2007, Viesti Robert, son-Britannian
Thank you all for a great week of diving and some of the best service i have ever known. I must say it never feels right as a age old diver, when a lady is lift my equipment around. But with that said, i was happy that whilst i was on holiday i did not have to do it! The dives were perfect and your knowledge of the dive sites was spot on! Now i have found you every time i go diving in Gran Canaria i will be diving with you and not the other dive centres i have tried on the island.
Thank you again.
Robert (the old timer)

15 lokakuu 2007, Viesti Simon Ames, son-Britannian
Hi Dave,Ellen and the rest of the team.
Once again a fantastic week of diving with 12 yes 12 brilliant dives, shame that once again I missed the rays but I will see them some day. If you want quality service and some laughs with fantastic diving then the team at dive Acadamy are the guys to see !!! I will see you all in the newyear.

11 lokakuu 2007, Viesti Drew, son-Britannian
hi, i did my open water at this academy in 2005 and it was good. my trainer was called leon bressers and he was really helpful. thankyou x

30 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Richard Campion, son-Britannian

Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our second holiday diving with Dive Academy. We had such a great time that we are already arranging our next visit!

We enjoyed a great selection of 11 dives, visiting some favourites that we requested from last time as well as several new and exciting dives. We had a Manta sighting, enjoyed a great drift dive, a brilliant night dive (octopus EVERYWHERE) and several spectacular wreck dives (including the massive hulk of the Kalais) along with the breathtaking vistas of the Cathedral and Arch dives. The photography was amazing... As a bonus we got to blow bubbles at the sightseers in the submarine.

The people we dived with were great company and Dave and Ellen did a wonderful job of scheduling us all so that everyone got exactly the dives they wanted. We would like to say hello to some of the people we met - Neil and Wendy, Wayne and Kevin (photos on their way to you soon) and Nils (we have some photos for you too). We were also happy for the welcome surprise return of Ellis! We had a very pleasant evening out with everyone at the 'all you can eat' Chinese restaurant, say Hi to Doctor Paul. It was great to meet the other divemasters, Freddy and Jose who were really helpful and good company. Although we didn't dive with him this time, it was nice to see Dorin again.

We think that Gran Canaria has plenty more exciting diving experiences to offer. Dave, Ellen and their team make the whole experience so much fun (and so easy) and we are already looking forward to April.

Best Wishes

Rich and Nic

28 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Neil & Wendy, son-Britannian
Greetings from cold and wet Norfolk to you lucky guys remaining in Gran Canaria. As usual we need to say a very big thank you to the whole Dive Academy ensemble who once again provided us with some fantastic dive experiences, can't wait to return and do some more but sadly will have to wait until next september before we can rejoin you.

To Dave and Ellen especially, thank you very much for allowing us to share a social life outside of the dive centre with you and enjoy the company of your close friends together with other diving friends we met during our two weeks with you. Nils will be remembered affectionately as a "lose cannon ball" swimming amongst us when diving but someone to have the greatest respect for and we both hope to meet up with him again. You see that's another nice thing about the Dive Academy, you have a fantastic bunch of people working there and we get to meet some very nice customers of yours that ultimately become our friends as well.

Just a short bit about the dives we did, we've had a great experience with you and Wendy overcame her nerves in the end and yes I know she is hard work to dive with, but after 32 years with her, I forgive her and after all she did pay for my diving! The highlights for me were to go to Las Palmas and dive "The Cathederal" and "The Calais" shipwreck, which have broadened my eyesight leaving me wanting more experience. I certainly became more confident on this holiday and still respect the sea but need to see more such as the manta ray I was lucky to see this trip, Sardina harbour on a night dive should be considered a must to do on anyone's diving holiday with you.

Finally before I sign off, we both most highly recommend "The Dive Academy" to divers of all experience going to Gran Canaria, I can assure you that you will not find a nicer bunch of people that put you as their priority to enjoy every single dive you do with them, safety is their watchword, they are incredibly knowledgeable on the islands diving opportunities and i'm sure like us you will be going back for more.

Adios las amistades

24 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
Part 2: We are back in Hamburg now.

Aga and I completed our Open Water Divers the day after my last post. We did 2 stunning dives with Freddy in Arinaga to finish off and loved it.

I returned Aga to Mum's side (frying on the beach) and continued with my Advanced Open Water during the last week, much to Aga's dismay ;). For the Advanced course Dave took me into the deep (-30m) to see a huge Coral at Arinaga followed by a Navigation Dive (.. staring at a compass instead of uw-life is wrong), then he tipped me out of a boat someplace with another Dave for my boat dive (great fun on the artif. reef!). Waving at tourist´s locked up in a submarine around the real Wreck near Puerte de Mogan was a complete hoot too. Instant fame .. as millions of (other) tourists point their camera's at us underwater. My last dive was to be the night dive at Arinaga with Ellen. It was windy, cold and obviously rather dark and there was sand blowing everywhere. I felt really calm and much safer underwater and never used as little air as I did that night. Top notch, thanks for that Ellen!

I had to promise Aga we would do her Advanced Course on our next visit. Needless to say she demands to dive with Freddy, Dave and Ellen ;P.

Oh before I forget. Mum had a day in the pool under the professional supervision of Ellen and Freddy .. the result was interesting. Mum REALLY REALLY wants to dive, but has not yet made friends with the water. We will do some more work on that one next time.

Best wishes to Freddy, hope he returns to you safely soon!

23 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Wayne, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen and everyone at the Dive Academy.
Well we arrived back in Belfast in the rain after a delayed flight. But that could not put the dampers on the great time Kevin and I had last week. The instruction was great, the experience was better than I had hoped for and I am now an Open Water Diver, something I had been wanting to do for the last 2 years. I have already got the details of the local club and fully intend continuing. Whilst with you last thursday Nicky and Rich said they would send you some photos of the artificial reef and wreck dives we did, could you forward them on to myself or kevin. If you could let me have the email address of the guy (I apologise for not remembering his name)that took the video I would like to contact him for a copy. Again thanks for a wonderful experience, look forward to my next visit in Febuary.

20 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Nils, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Freddy, Craxi, Dorin & Ellis,

Thanx again for a splendid 13 days at your excellent Dive Academy. I broke both my number of dives in one vacation record, my average time per dive record as well as my depth record. So I can't complain!

Again I met a lot of really nice & frindly people - Wendy, Neil, Nick, Mary, Paul, Leo, Veronica to name but a few. I have intentionally left one special name out - insiders will know who and why :-)

Well, I returned home to Copenhagen at 20:40 today (Wednesday), and it was raining quite heavely and was 12 degrees. So nothing's new in Denmark. But it's a bit of "downer", when I've just enjoyed 2 weeks of almost uninterrupted sunshine & 30+ degrees.

Luckely I'll be back in 92 days :-) Meanwhile Dave, please keep Paul away from my torch :-) I have drained the battery completely & taken the charger back home with me - just in case...

Best of all, I did see the Manta's (and the 30+ Butterfly Rays - & the John Dory - in one night dive) & I am now a PADI Master Scuba Diver!

Lots of gretings to all of you!


18 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Kasia & Marcin, son-Britannian
Well... not sure where to start from! First of all - thanks for everything guys! You were amazing - teaching, sense of humour, quality of everything... we enjoyed every minute of the course and actually when Friday came it was so different and trange not having to drive to the south to dive with U. It's been a great experience and we'll definitelly be back to Gran Canaria and we'll definitelly dive with U - so professional and enthusiastic and amking everyone comfortable. And Ellen sorry for making U demonstrate 'mask taking' in the sea ;) - and thanks for building our confidence!!!! Ellen Dave and the rest of U guys THANK U - our holidays were great!!!!! CU soon hopefully!!

15 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
Ok, so everyone is writing after going home. Ill write of ongoing work.

After day 2 of 3, my daughter Aga and I are very happy with the team @ the Dive Academy. We are learning fast and having lots of fun. If we dont "get it" right away, Freddy and Andreas repeat for us as often as we need ;P.

Tomorrow, Mum will join in the fun after Ellen will hopefully have managed to dispell her fear of swimming in unknown waters.

10 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Guido, Belgia
Hey Guys and Girls...
Regretting to be back @ home :(
Anyway, this e-mail to thank once again you for your kind hospitality, friendship, kindness, giving even expierenced divers a welth of good feelings and memories.
I will have no doubts to whom to turn to, when I come back to Gran Canaria !!

Rainy and windy greetings to Dave, Ellen, and my good buddy Andreas


9 syyskuu 2007, Viesti Johannes Wiehl, Saksa
At your dive academy it was a very great start to my new sport which interests me since years. The result of my first positive, open-hearted contact with you was a perfect, flexible plan for realising my intention to get a diver licens! So once more, thank you for your good work with me and also to the friendly team, Freddy, Dave, Ellen and especially to my German (Austria)Coach Andreas:-)
I´am sure to have a lot of fun with my new hobby sport.

Thanks a lot and if I´am on the GC island I am sure that we will see us!

Best regards

29 elokuu 2007, Viesti David and Laura, son-Britannian
Hi Dave,
We would both like to thankyou very much for making our last day in Gran Canaria really enjoyable.
I (David) would like to thankyou especially for making me feel relaxed and building up my confidence, i don't think I would have done the dive if it hadn't been for you.
If we come back over there i'm sure we will drop in to see you and further our scuba experience.
Best Regards,
David and Laura

28 elokuu 2007, Viesti Sleepy and Dopey, son-Britannian
helloooo to you all!!
we got back to england last night early in the morning but we want to be back in gran canaria. we hope you got our letter that we left on your car Dave, thanks again for everything it was alot of fun and we both enjoyed it alot!
thanks freddie for all those photos and videos that you gave us and feel free to email us more photos or whatever although im sure you will be glad to get rid of us :)
thanks again!!
sleepy and dopey xxxx
p.s. HDT....heldoms decompression theory we remember!!

28 elokuu 2007, Viesti JOHN, KIM, JACK AND ALIX, son-Britannian
Dear Dave , Ellen and all the staff at the dive centre, a big thank you for some great dives during our recent summer holiday.Thanks again to Ellen for looking after Ali (even if she did need surgically removing from Ellens side!!) the staff are absoloutely fantastic and a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you John Kim Jack and Alix XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

20 elokuu 2007, Viesti Svein & Ragnhild, Norja
Hi Guys!
Arguineguin never stops to amaze us - a great place to spend a holiday - and the best divecenter we've experienced!
I think Ragnhild still have'nt touched ground yet after grat dives at SArdina!
Youre in our thoughts often, and we visit the web-cam weekly dreaming of next time. We're back in February!
Until then - all the best :-))

17 elokuu 2007, Viesti Uwe Laue, Saksa
Hallo Ellen, Dave, Andreas, Freddy und die anderen,habe mich mal wieder sehr gut bei Euch aufgehoben gefühlt. Die TG waren wieder super, besonders am Artificial Reef. Leider musste ich den 10 TG abbrechen wegen einer Erkältung,
was sofort erkannt wurde, Dank an Andreas! Wer weiß was sonst noch passiert wäre. Ich war die meiste Zeit mit Andreas am tauchen und habe mich sehr sicher bei ihm gefühlt. Andererseits muss man sagen, hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht weil Tim und Jean Paul auch dabei waren. Sollte ich nächstes Jahr wieder auf GC Urlaub machen sehen wir uns bestimmt wieder. Ansonsten viel Glück und Spaß beim tauchen.

Liebe Grüße dem Team von Uwe aus Hannover, Deutschland

Dear Ellen, Dave, Andreas, Freddy and the others! I felt good at you. The diving trips were super, especially at the Artificial Reef! Unfortunaly I must cancel the 10th diving trip 'cause I get a colt.. Thank you Andreas for notice. Most of time I dived with andreas, and I felt saved at him. And it was fun also with Tim and Jean Paul. When I'm goigin to spend my holidays again at GC we would see us again. Best wishes to the team and fun at diving.

From Uwe at Hannover, Germany

16 elokuu 2007, Viesti Chiclana, Alankomaat
Ellen, Dave and the rest of the team,
Thank you for having my best dive-experience till now!!! It fascinates me that much that I will start PADI in september....back home.

26 heinäkuu 2007, Viesti Tim, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen and Team,
Thanks for another great week in Arguineguin. As usual excellent diving and fantastic hospitality. Finally saw a Tiger Moray. And of course there were the adventures of Tim and Jean-Paul. Can't wait to see you all again soon.

9 heinäkuu 2007, Viesti Luc Swartelé, Belgia
Hallo Dave & Alf,

Ik wil even laten weten dat ik heel erg genoten heb van de twee dagen durende cursus "scubadiver" die ik bij jullie volgde.
Speciaal wil ik Alf bedanken die ik als een rustige en heel goede instructeur heb leren kennen en waar ik een paar prachtige uren mee onder water mocht delen.
Ik hoop in de toekomst mijn brevet nog uit te breiden en wie weet, samen met jullie nog eens te duiken.

Thanks Dave & Alf
Greetings from the cold & wet Belgium.

29 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Simon Ames, son-Britannian
Thanks to everyone at Dive Academy the service and diving was fantastic as usual.Dave thanks for the Rescue divers course you made a subject which is serious very enjoyable.I will see you all in October.Simon

14 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Harald G., Saksa
Hallo Leute,
habe auch nur Gutes zu berichten von der Tauchbasis. Habe mit Dave, Ellis und Alf insgesamt 12 Tauchgänge gemacht. Alles ging sehr professionell und sicher ab. Ich habe die Zeit dort sehr genossen und kann somit diese Tauchbasis nur bestens empfehlen.
Lieben Gruß nach Gran Canaria Harry

Ps. For Alf: invented by Joe Cocker 1969 in Woodstock: the air guitar. Since 1996 find annually in August in Oulu, Finland . I believe it. -- Harry

13 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Joe, Saksa
Mal einen lieben Gruß nach Gran Canaria schicke. Habe ja wieder zahlreiches neues auf eurer Hompage gefunden. Muss schon sagen, die Webcam am Pool ist eine super Idee, so kann ich jetzt jeden Tag live bei euch sein :-))

Freue mich schon auf den Urlaub dieses Jahr im Juli. Werde bestimmt wieder bei euch reinschnuppern.

LG aus big old Germany

JOE (erreichbar auch unter

12 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Ingrid, Sigurd, Inger and Dag, Norja
Congratulations with your new pool ! We have been following the progress on the webcam these last weeks . But we think you forgot one thing: You have your web address in the pool but do you have installed underwater web access ? (really bad computer joke …). Father and daughter are still counting the weeks (not days) until we arrive in October for more diving with Ellen in the sea and pool (we have to try out your new pool !).

And to all of you out there who are wondering if diving is fun and safe – try it in a safe environment with these guys – and if you have children let them TRY it with Ellen in the pool , she is the one learning Ingrid (9 years) the art of diving - she’s actually gotten the whole family under water :-)

12 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti vicki, paul, bethany, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Helen & the team, hope you are ok. Just a note to say a very big thank you for a most enjoyable holiday. Bethany thoroughly enjoyed her bubble making course and cant wait to come again either later this year or next year. Paul enjoyed himself and was very glad to get the dives that he wanted. Keep safe and see you soon.

3 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Cyril Flannigan, son-Britannian
Hi there !
Just a wee note to say hi ...

I am plannin on bringin someone over to do an Openwater course with you guys ... and guess what ... its gonna work out cheaper to fly over and sit the open water course with you than to do it here !! Pluss its warmer and the dives are better too !!
I need some advice so drop me a line and let me know if there are any good deals on flights and what days the flights are normally scheduled on and Ill hopefully see you soon !!


2 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Brian Gabriel, son-Britannian
Cheers to you all, but especially to Ellis--the best looking dive gear carter in the business! Good luck on your travels, I hear the wine is good in South Africa, besides the great diving..... Have Fun.

2 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Willem Wismans, Alankomaat
Just within the last week before Ellis will leave GC i came for a visit, to see if it is really as beautifull Ellis says (i'm a friend of Ellis').
Absolutely beautifull i can tell!!
We did the boat diving, Arginigin, Arinaga, the night dive etc. But i think the Russian wreck was the best! We had the priviledge to see 7 (seven!!) big Rays with i think the bigest where 2 meter! Also a huge Pufferfish (the Nemo one) and lots and lots of other fish. Too much to name.

Ellen and Dave, thank you very much for the dives, it was amazing!!! I hope to make more dives with you in the future!

1 kesäkuu 2007, Viesti Alun & Nigel, son-Britannian
Well, what can I say. We had such a lovely time with you again and this time could get some dives in, awesome dives too. I wish i Could have seen Ellis on the dinner evening we had. Wish her well for the future.............HUGE HUGS....
Off to Majorca on Monday on my tod and will be diving with my friend who is over there, to keep my confidence up.
See you now in the Winter, when we will come again.
Best wishes to you Dave Ellen, Alf, Ellis and Dorin (Doris) LOL. Wish him the best for his divemasters course.
A & N

24 toukokuu 2007, Viesti Happy Diver Dive Centre, son-Britannian
Hello Dive Academy Team.

Thank you for a great week of diving and the service you gave us. We all had a great time and can ensure you that we will be back soon. The atmosphere at the dive centre was just our cup of tea and you made us all feel like part of something special.

Thank you again and see you in September.
Happy Diver Dive Centre.

20 toukokuu 2007, Viesti Jörg, Saksa

viele herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland an das tolle Team von Ellen und Dave auf GC. Ich konnte mit Euch 6 sehr schöne Tauchgänge in Sardina und Arinaga erleben, habe viel gesehen und mich immer sicher gefühlt. Danke für den Service und die professionelle Betreuung. Bis zum nächsten Mal alles Gute und macht weiter so !!!

19 toukokuu 2007, Viesti Jamie and Mike Wilson, son-Britannian
Hi Ellen, Ellis and David!
Now we are back in the UK we really miss the diving we had in GC.

We are so grateful for the experience we had in arinaga. It would be fabulous if we could come back soon ! I am particularly grateful to Ellen for seeing Jamie through to his open water diver qualification. After 30 years of diving it was the first time i had come across an instructor who took such great care and was so skillful. After all Jamie is not yet 12 and was filled with confidence and learned more than i could ever teach him.
I strongly recommend anyone proposing to dive in GC at whatever level to give serious consideration to the dive acadamy.
Our very best wishes.

19 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Brendan O'Brien, Irlanti
I just want to Thank Ellen & Dave for the great diving and great service. You guys are a credit to the diving professional world. I have dived all over the world form florida to Great barrier reef and had some amazing diving but you guys showed me there is some great diving closer to home and the service and friendly admosphere is what diving should be about.

I hope to be back soon

15 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Tom, Amerikan yhdysvallat
Hello Ellen, Ellis and David,

Week 48 (sorry for the delay in adding my message)

Just a LITTLE note to say a BIG thank you :o)

I would like to tell everyone of the amazing service I had whilst on my dive trip to Gran Canaria.
But firstly I would like to tell everyone that I have diving in many places, in many countries and with some excellent Dive Centers, who are geared up to look after us Yanks. What I mean to say is that we do expect a very good service, total care and total safety.
This I received in the shape of the A team Ellen, Ellis and Dave! They managed to surpass all others and offer service unlike I have witnessed before!
Never once did I have to worry about my equipment, being picked up on time, arrangement for the next days diving or whether we were going to get the best dive for the conditions.
I was totally amazed at how much life you have in the Canary Islands, I never would have believed it! I never saw that many fish in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, when I went earlier in the year :o)

Also I would like to let you all know that I have a view over Manhattan from my office. Which to me only looks good when my computer monitor is in the way and I am looking at the dive center web cam. You are all so lucky to be in the sunshine all year round! I so miss the sunsets in front of the dive center.

Well all that is left to say is SEE YOU NEXT YEAR :o)

All the very best from

14 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Lars, Tanska
Dear Ellen, Ellis and Dave!

I have now returned to the cold north and you can’t imaging how much I miss diving at GC...

Thanks for a great adventure and all the fun. Without you and the diving my stay in GC would not have been that nice as it was.

So to everybody: If you are planning to go to GC and gets tired staying at the pool all day long - go diving! You will so much fun :o)

Hope to see you soon!

10 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Dsg Nordlund, Norja
Okay … In my first message on this board (last October) I wrote that my 8 year old daughter Ingrid considered moving to Gran Canaria and the Diving Centre, it’s now even more true after our visit last week (during Easter). Once again we experienced both the professionalism of Ellen and Dave but more importantly the friendliness and openness – we really feel welcome at the dive centre and are taken good care off.

This time it was not only Ingrid that was diving with Ellen but also Inger (mom). And finally I had to try after some “friendly” pressure from Ellen and my family. We are all looking forward to the next dive with you Ellen!

Ah .. and Sigurd is missing the Action Man !
:-) Inger, Ingrid, Dag and Sigurd

10 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Neil Bromiley, son-Britannian
Hello there!
Just got back to sunny old England. Thankyou so much, i had a fantastic time completing my advanced open water. I'm so glad i've done it, diving was without a doubt the highlight of my holiday. Still find it funny, how excitied Dave got when he saw the little hedgehog!

I'll see you next year, have fun diving and don't work to hard.


20 maaliskuu 2007, Viesti Jean-François Charlier, Ranskan
Hello Ellen !
I am back to Paris and in my office... The weather is bad here, cold and snow...
I think again about the nice dives we made, and I thank you very much..
I hope to come back again and discover the other spots.
I wish you a very good times,


14 maaliskuu 2007, Viesti Anja Jensen, Tanska
Hi all three.
First I would thank you all for your great hospitality, i really had a god day, last thursday (8 february). The time flyes buy so I already fell that it's years ago. I don't think i've had a great experinece if it was'nt because of your always smiling and professional treatment. It will not be the last time im diving and when I come to Gran Canaria again, you are one of the first persons I will meet so I can reserve the time too advance my license. I hope the weather i perfect down there. I came back last saturday to a perfect warm and sunny springday. I hope you still want to send me the pictures :-)
Take care too you all untill we meet again.

13 maaliskuu 2007, Viesti Risto and Erik Repo, Amerikan yhdysvallat
Hi Dave, Ellen and Ellis.
We had a great time with you and really professional attitude when you teached Erik to do his Scuba Diver license wich he received in the mail today the 12 March. Best luck to you all and you will shurely see us back next year if not sooner.

7 maaliskuu 2007, Viesti Manfred Kratochwil, Saksa
hallo leute,
ich hab vor rund 5 monaten (oktober 2006) die PADI-tauchschule g c (gran canaria) besucht und komme aus beruflichen gründen leider erst jetzt dazu, darüber zu berichten. mitte/ende september trat ich meinen 5wöchigen urlaub in g c an. ich hatte das PADI-tauchbuch (leihgabe eines freundes) dabei und wollt da eigentlich nur einiges mal so interessehalber lesen. denn mit 10 jahren asthma bronchiale in der kindheit (letzter anfall vor über 30 jahren) und latenter tiefenangst hatte ich garnicht die vorstellung, wirklich direkt einen tauchkurs zu absolvieren. jedoch nach den ersten zwei kapiteln war die neugier bereits so groß geworden, daß ich mich vor ort informierte und direkt anfang oktober gings mit PADI g c los. die übungen im pool fand ich verblüffend einfach - dafür wars mir bei dem zweiten bis vierten meerestauchgang teilweise ganz schön mulmig zumute! so etwa nach dem motto "da oben die wasseroberfläche und ich hier unten mitten drin im H2O... oh weh..." und als alter asthmatiker hatt ich natürlich auch öfters mit der psychogenen pseudoproblematik "luftnot" zu tun. jedoch gerade letzteres ließ sich leicht auflösen dergestalt, daß ich mich direkt konfrontierte mit der tatsache, daß ich definitiv mehr als genug luft kriegte! nach dem vierten meerestauchgang (und natürlich den ganzen eher einfachen prüfungen) war ich schließlich am 7.10. PADI-OWD (open-water-diver) - und es war ein kaum zu beschreibendes, fast berauschendes erleben, da unter wasser diese friedliche, wunderbare welt zu beobachten. ja, und genau das hat mich dann so auf den geschmack gebracht, daß ich nach einigen tagen weitermachte: 5 zusätzliche tauchgänge und die dazugehörige theorie: PADI-advancedOWD! und es war wirklich ein GENUSS, langsam mit den tauchbasics wie z. b. der tarierungskontrolle vertraut zu werden und somit mehr und mehr von dieser beeindruckenden umgebung wahrnehmen und ERLEBEN zu können. sogar einen manta habe ich (dank leon) gesehen! die betreuung von seiten der tauchschule war echt superklasse. und ich betone dies gerade deswegen, weil ich meinen tauchlehrer leon sicher auch teilweise ziemlich nerven gekostet hab - sei es infolge passagerer abgelenktheit durch diese fremdartig-merkwürdig-faszinierende umgebung oder auch mal aufgrund "vergesslichkeit" (das eine mal kam ich einfach fast nicht mehr drauf, daß da ja noch die übung "notaufstieg mit..." fehlte. aber das kann halt mal passieren und die unterrichtung und betreuung durch leon bressers war sehr kompetent und insgesamt echt angenehm. ich bin froh, daß ich es geschafft hab, "über meinen schatten zu springen" und dieses interessante und wunderbar faszinierend-fesselnde abenteuer unterwasserwelt mit hilfe der PADI-tauchschule g c eröffnet habe!
ein RIESEN-DANKESCHÖN nochmals an die "crew" der tauchschule!
weiterhin viel erfolg und alles gute!

anschrift: manfred kratochwil, freiherr-von-wambolt-str. 2, 69214 eppelheim

1 maaliskuu 2007, Viesti Alun &Nigel, son-Britannian
Hi guys
Thanks for a lovely 2 weeks fo diving with you. Alun was unlucky with his ears and sinuses but looks forward to coming back and do some dives.
Thanks for the lovely service and welcome you provided.
See you very soon
Nigel & Alun

25 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Martyn, Alankomaat
Hello Dave, Ellen & Ellis.

Thank you for a great week of diving.

I have dived in many countries and with many dive schools in the 15 years I have dived but,

You are by far the best dive school I have every been with, Padi 5* does not say enough!

I read in your guest book before I came out that you are very professional and that you do it with a joke and a smile on your faces. I now know that this is true and would recommend you to all I meet in the future.

I will be back next year for more relaxing, care free times with you all.

24 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Svein & Ragnhild, Norja
Hi Dave & Ellen & Ellis -
We are watching the web cam, it really brings back good memories! For the fourth time we've had great diving & the best service from the best divecenter in Gran Canaria!
Diving together as a couple is really the best way to spend a holiday!
Dave - you're a great diving guide & every dive is really a pleasure!
Hope your troubbles with the gear are solved.
Until next time :-))
All the best from
Ragnhild & Svein - Bergen / Norway

20 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Darren, son-Britannian
Thank you thank you thank you Ellen for teaching me how to dive, i realy appriciate it. that dive club mum talked about onlty costs a fiver a week!
Thanks again for teaching me to dive,for being patient with me AND for driving us there.

PS sorry about not being that talketive after 1st dive.

17 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Rob, son-Britannian
Now back in the cold of the UK, I rely on the memory of a great week's diving and unsurpassable hospitality from you both. I had a really great time and look forward to coming back later in the year. Many thanks - Rob

15 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Joanne Lamb, son-Britannian
Hi to Dave, Ellen and Ellis

Just a quick note to say a BIG THANKS from me and Geoff for your fantastic hospitality during our recent holiday. The diving was awesome, especially the night dive.
We would both like to thank you all for driving us and our kit everywhere, and for cleaning and setting up our kit for every dive. Its not something we are used too and it was really appreciated.
We are missing your fantastic weather and hope to see you all in 2008. Thanks again!

13 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
Back home now guys,as usual the service was second to none and the company was fantastic with some excellent dives thrown in.See you all soon.

14 helmikuu 2007, Viesti Maximo, son-Britannian
Thanks for a great time! It was quite an intense experience and highly reccomend it

17 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Carl, Tanska
Well, reading the instructions works better. So, the following entrance is from Carl from Denmark, and not United Kingdom.

17 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Carl from 47, son-Britannian
Hi Ellen and Dave and Andy and Ellis and the guy from neatherland, that is moving.
I was practically 'staying' at your place from the 15th of december til the 19th of december, finishing my open water PADI certificate (which I just recieved).
Thank you for your time, company and good instructorjob.
I met with wonderful people like Nils, and to two english ladies (Gail and Nicki), and the danish couple, that actually persuaded my to go for Open water, and not just and intro (Lisbeth & Torben Cordtz).
I really enjoyed the learning, the diving, and the atmosphere at your wonderful dive-center. Tee was good too!
All the best, and some of us might meet in the future.

11 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Pauline, Leen, Anne and Emma, Alankomaat
Hello Ellen, Elles and Dave,

Many thanks for the wonderfull dives we have made. And we thank you for keeping care of Emma. Fabulous support from you all, keep on going. We hope that we see you all next december. So we can make a dive with Ron too, you know our neighbor from Parque Bali.
En Elles succes met je jobs, denk aan jezelf, neem ook wat rust en tijd voor jezelf, bedankt zie je volgend jaar hoop ik.

All the best in 2007.

With greetings and best wishes on the dive centre.

Pauline, Leen, Anne and Emma

10 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Marko,
Hello! I come to Gran Canaria 23,03,2007-06,04,2007 and i wanted find 1-2 guys who doing freediving. Let me know! Have a nice week!

7 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Neil Rowlands, Alankomaat
Hi Guys,

Thanks for some great diving during our holiday! Especially the Arinaga dive was really great!

See you next year!

Neil & Renee

5 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Dirk Jeworski, Saksa
Ein herzliches DAnkeschön für einen wunderschönen Tag mit Euch.
Mein Sohn Luca redet noch heute von Dir Dave. Sein größter Wunsch ist es nun, Tauchlehrer zu werden.

Wir kommen bestimmt wieder und machen unsere Tauchscheine bei euch.
Du kannst super mit Kindern umgehen Dave.
Grüße an den Rest der crew.
Dirk, Luca,Sheila und Nadira.

5 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Stijn Kamp, Alankomaat
Hoi Ellis,
Ik vond het geweldig om met je te duiken en ook met Ellen. Nog bedankt!
Hoe gaat het met je? Heb je het al iets minder druk? En ben je al aan de boeken toegekomen?
We wensen je alle Goeds voor 2007 met veel mooie duiken.
Groetjes Stijn

4 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Mike Whitworth, son-Britannian
Thanks to you all for fantastic holiday diving, where service and helpfulness were second to none. I've dived all over the world (and usually manage to fall out with the dive centre staff about shoddy performance or effort!) and have never come across service like yours anywhere. You finally blew me away by going back to the RIB to collect the rubber bung off my regs that I'd left there - most dive centres would just have told me how easy they are to replace. And as for the lift to the beach...thanks go to Ellen from the whole family.
I especially loved how you accommodated the East Cheshire Sub Aqua squad so we could dive together (poor Lars, though he seemed OK with it), so if the water ever gets too warm for you and you feel obliged to give up the sunshine in favour of grey skies come and find us in Macclesfield and we'll buy you a drink at the clubhouse! Cheers Mike

2 joulukuu 2007, Viesti Becky, son-Britannian
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dave, Ellen and Ellis for a fantastic diving packed Christmas! Especially thanks to Dave for the Christmas day dives! Sooo happy to have finally seen an angel shark (and on xmas day too!). Also thanks for the 'turtle-hunting' dive we may have been unsuccessful but it was fun anyway and I really appreciated that you offered to look with me. Ellen thanks for helping me at Arinaga especially on friday, and not forgetting the fun on the night dive!! I think we finally mastered how to exit the Arinaga site effectively!Last but definitely not least - Ellis - thanks for making my dives as long as possible during the wreck dive! It was sooo good to have an hour long dive :-)
Also thanks to everyone who I dived with, hope you had fun and will continue to see the beauty in every dive you do..

So basically if you want a good service, good diving and an amazing group of people this is the place to go! I would definitely recommend seeing the wrecks on the boat dive, Arinaga is also a may think that Gran Canaria wouldnt have much marine life but think again! This team may be small but they are so organised it was pretty scary! I wasn't used to not having to wash kit etc....

So Dave, Ellen - anytime you pop back to Derby drop me a message and I'll be glad to meet up for a drink or somethin! Hope to see you again sometime especially to see those mantas!!!
Best wishes for everything,
Becky xx

30 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Svein og Ragnhild from 159, Norja
Hi, Dave, Ellen & the rest of the staff! We've had 2 stays at Arguineguin this year, with great diveing-experiences with you guys! As a couple - this is realley a great way to spend the holiday together!
So - we're coming back - in february! Looking forward to see you again, and hoping for nice weather an clear water :-)
Hope you're all okay - have a great new-years eve!
Ragnhild & Svein

30 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Gail & Nicki, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen and Ellis. Thanks for a great time in Gran Canaria. We really enjoyed the diving and your company. I know we made you get cold in the water Dave, but you've got the last laugh as i guess you're a bit warmer than us now. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Hi to Nils, who we enjoyed diving with and congratulations to Karl for passing the course while we were there. We'll maybe see you and the mantas in September. Happy New Year. Lots of love Gail & Nicki xxx

25 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Lisbeth & Torben Cordtz, Tanska
Dear Ellen,Ellis,Dave and Leon
Thanx for an wonderfull week at
your dive academy. From the moment we dropped in from the street we felt your kindness and hospitality. You really carry (!) at lot responsibility for the succes of our last minute dive trip to Gran Canaria this december.
We enjoyed the atmosphere at the dive academy so much and sends our best greetings and wishes to you and our co-guest Nils, Stefan and Antonio.
Diving was fine company even better.
Merry Christmas and a happy Newyear.

25 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Dear Ellen, Ellis and Dave,

Thanx for 13 great days in your excellent Dive Academy. The EFR and the Rescue Diver course as well as the 22 dives were all close to perfection.

Ellen: I'm so glad that I finally got the the pleasure of 3 dives with you as the dive "leader". You are without a doubt one of the best two dive instructors in the world :-)

Ellis: Unquestionably you're the best divemaster I've met - and undeniably the cutest one too :-) Thank you very much for being the willing "victim" for all of the execises during my Rescue Diver course!

Dave: You are definitely the main reason that I now feel VERY confident below the surface. I do also feel quite confident when walking on the slippery rocks, except when I'm carrying my new (rather expensive) torch at nighttime :-| Then of cause there's your wacky sense of humor which I do like a lot - honestly :-)

Thanx also to the divers from around the world, with whom I had the plaesure of diving: Nikki & Gale - looking forward to receive the invite to your wedding :-), Torben & Lisbet, Karl, Stefan and the ones whose names I've forgotten.

Looking forward to see all of you in the Dive Academy again in the not to distant future. Those Manta Rays in the late summer, looks damn tempting :-)

Kind regards,

17 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Jean-Paul, Alankomaat
It was great dive with fabulous support from this center.. thanx leon !!.. Beautifull center, very good equipped.. love to come over soon...

13 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Amber Manfroi-Lynn, son-Britannian
Hiya just wont to say i had a great time diving with you and
have gand lots of confidence, and new skills diving with you. We got the pictures
developed today and will try to send some to you, dad is very proud of me and says
what a clever girl i am.
Hope everything is OK and wish to see you all soon. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes on the dive centre.


12 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Miguel y Ana, Espanja

Estamos ya de regreso, en Madrid, con mucho frio y echando de menos enormemente a Canarias y a Dive Academy.

Dita, David (y todo el equipo), gracias por ser tan amables, educados y estupendos instructores, hemos disfrutado enormemente y a partir de ahora hay dos adictos más a la practica del buceo. Volveremos, pero esta vez las inmersiones mejor con barco ;-) GRACIAS por todo.

30 marraskuu 2006, Viesti Patrick and Ivonne, Saksa
Thank you for the nice time we spend with you. From the first to the last minute we
were intergratet into the ?€?Dive Academy Family?€?. Everything we need to know for
the Open-Water-Diver we learned in a nice atmosphere without stress and after all we
got our open Water Diver Certificate. The diving places were selected very
carefully. They all had good diving conditions and the entrance was always optimal.
Thanks for the cool time. :-)
special Thanx to Dive-Instructor Andreas

Vielen Dank f??r die nette Zeit die wir bei Euch verbringen durften. Wir haben den
Open Water Diver gemacht und wurden von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute in die
\"Dive-Academy-Family\" integriert. Man f??hlte sich von Anfang an sicher und gut
aufgehoben so das wir einen wundersch??nen Tauchurlaub hatten indem wir unser
Open-Water-Diver-Certificate erlangt haben. Die Tauchpl??tze wurden sehr sorgf??ltig
ausgew??hlt und waren tauchfreundlich da es sehr viel zu sehen gab\' und der
Einstieg optimal war. Danke f??r die sch??ne Zeit und
special Thanx an Tauchlehrer Andreas

29 marraskuu 2006, Viesti Nick van Melsen, Alankomaat
Hello everybody,
the water here looks browner then ever and there is a reason to wear a drysuit(Leon);)
But the sun shines here i eat a lot of peppernoten and set my shoe.

thanks for the beautiful dives,

16 marraskuu 2006, Viesti Andy & Lindsay, son-Britannian
Hi guys,
Hope it's not too cold out there for you at the moment! Apologies for taking so long to get round to posting a message. Had delayed flights, engine failures on take off, etc etc blah blah blah! Thankyou for a fantastic holiday, nobody believed we had been away cos we hadn't tanned as we spent so much time in the water! From nervous novices, to addicted advanced divers in less time than it takes to learn the Dutch way of doing things!! (Hi Ellis and Leon). We will never forget the Tuna incident on our first deep dive! Each time we tell the story it gets more elaborated! We hope to come out and see you again soon... Anytime you find all the sun sea and scuba just too much you are welcome to join us in the Markeaton!

10 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Anneli Andersson, Itävalta
Hello Dave and Ellen,

Thank you for two superb days and for helping us discover the underwater
world. It was a great experience. We will be back in a year.

Anneli Andersson

7 marraskuu 2006, Viesti Nicole Dahlman, Ruotsi
Now im back in cold Sweden with snow and sun. You should see it, it's beautiful but my time on Gran canaria was the best. And even better when i went diving with you. Thank you all for the best experiens in the world! Take care and im sure we'll see you all again. Tanks For Everything!

30 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Brian John Gabriel, son-Britannian
Hi to Dave Ellen Leon Ellis and Dita, love and kisses to you all,(well to the girls really),and cheers for my memories of watching roger ray have lunch....3 tons....big barracuda just inches away....ollie octopus showing off...trumpet fish... cuttle fish....night diving...navigation....buoyancy control....(I WILL GET IT RIGHT SOON, PROMISE) What a lot of Great Memories of fun while still learning.
It shows when you can have fun and learn,it shows the high quality of tuition.Well done to all the team, I cant thank you enough for the luxury of dealing with all my gear and all the blood! (at least 5 millilitres).
To anyone who is thinking "which dive school is the best all round one for me, then the answer is

DIVE ACADEMY every time the best!!!!!!

27 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Paul (LSD Trip), son-Britannian
6 weeks on and I'm still remembering the wicked holiday we had with you guys. (sorry it's taken so long to email my thanks)The diving was excellent everyday and who can forget the manta tastic day. Your company in the evenings was a great ! and thank you for treated me the same as everyone else, even though i was the only GAY in the Group !! Much love to you all and count me in on the 2008 LSD trip xx

P.s Big Dave, I've not forgotten about that dive we said we'd do, see you in the new year mate.

26 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Rasmus (Hightower), Tanska
Hi- A little hello from the danes! ;), thanks a lot for a
perfect time!! We had a lot of fun!!
I think a just send a danish family your way in a couple of weeks or so :)
When will our pictures be on your homepage?

Say hi to Elin and Elvis from all of us...

Best regards
Rasmus (Hightower)

23 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Naoimh White, son-Britannian
Hi- just droping a note to thank everyone at dive academy for helping make my holiday to Gran Canaria a very memorable experience. The dives were incredible, from the ship wreck to the night dive. It was all very well organised, including being picked up and dropped off at our accommodation- spot on time!! Leon was a fantastic instructor, aware of safety, familar with the dive sites and willing to give tips on how to improve technique. I wouldn't hesitate recommending your company to friends. Thanks again.... hope to be back soon

22 lokakuu 2006, Viesti paul harley, son-Britannian
hey there guys!!! thanks for a great week of diving, i enjoyed every last relaxing minute of it! a week wasn't long enough, but i don't think i could have talked my wife into letting me do much more! now when i go back to work and have to put my set together myself, fetch and carry and wash out my gear, i will always be thinking of the first-class service you guys put on.
so many thanks again to ellen, dave, leon, ellis and the rest of the dive academy team. i'll see you next time i'm in the area.... and if any of you are ever in the wales area, no excuses!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best, and remember.... STAY WET!!

from the dive slut, paul
celtic diving-pembrokshire

21 lokakuu 2006, Viesti dean angie, son-Britannian
hi helen,dave.hope u r both well,thanks for some great
memories,especially the manta rays(and the polythene bag!)hope to come back soon to
the best dive school in gran canaria

19 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Ingrid and Dag, Norja
Dette må du bare la ungene prøve !

Fars lille øyesten Ingrid på 8 og å meldte seg på bubblemaker. Det ble en fantastisk søndag med bassengdykk der Ingrid storkoste seg med Ellen i bassenget og tok de første små skritt mot en fremtidig dykkerkarriere. Men det tok ikke slutt der å. nedenfor dykkerskolen finner du havet , og ved lavvann var der grunt nok (maks 2 meter) til at et havdykk kunne gjennomføres noen dager senere. Ingrid plukket skjell og fikk se fisk og vurderer nå å bosette seg på dykkerskolen. Selv om Ellen snakker engelsk var ikke språket noe problem å man snakker som kjent ikke under vann. Ellen var fantastisk med Ingrid og ga henne både trygghet, glede over å mestre noe nytt og ikke minst ønske om å dykke mer. Ikke nål å send mail til dykkerskolen og meld på dine barn.

Hi Ellen !

We left a message in Norwegian basically saying that if you have kids don't hesitate let them do the bubblemaker program. You gave Ingrid feeling of security, the enjoyment of mastering something new and a burning wish to dive more. Ingrid had 2 wonderful dives and she hasn't stopped talking about them. Next time we're at Gran Canaria we'll be back for more fun.

19 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Aquanaut, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen, Leon & Ellis
Hi guys, apologies for taking so long to add on here but what with the house move etc, life has been rather hectic.
Thanks for the hospitality shown by you all, have now got some hard copies of the group shot taken at the marine reserve, will post out a couple of screen res images too Ellens account shortly. Hope to see you all sometime soon, hopefully by then you will of 'hardened up' and got a shorty on, lol. Take care Chris.

12 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Pablo, Saksa
Dear all - I guess David has posted pretty much what I wanted to say. Excellent dives, excellent & friendly service, just the kind of "good vibes, chill-out athmosphere" we were looking for in our holidays. So Ellen, Alice (Ladies first), Dave & Leon .... thanks a lot. It's been great. :-).
To those who have not been to the academy yet .... "join the Elite" ..... Ellen will tell you how ;-)

Signed: "The friendliest man in the world".

10 lokakuu 2006, Viesti David, Saksa
Hi everyone!
How can you save your holidays? after our plane was late and the luggage lost our holidays didn't seem very promising... but Hellen (and the rest of the Dive Academy staff) came to the rescue and saved our holidays!!!! Thx a lot for the nice diving! I guess the world's friendliest guy meet the world's friendliest dive academy! Thx for all the driving around to pick us up, to take us to the nice diving sites, thx for your help getting in and out of "El cabron"... THX for saving our holidays!
Despues de que nuestro avion llegase con retraso y de que nuestras maletas se perdiesen ya dabamos las vacaciones por arruinadas, por suerte para nosotros Hellen y el resto del personal de la Dive Academy salvaron nuestras vacaciones, muchas gracias a todos por llevarnos a todas partes, recogernos por las mananas ocuparos del equipo y ayudarnos a entrar y salir del cabron...probablemente el mejor centro de buceo en Gran Canaria!!!!

Carefull with the 30kg octopuss in Sardina... :)

7 lokakuu 2006, Viesti Simon Ames, son-Britannian
Hi to everybody at the dive centre.I would like to thank the whole team for making my third visit as good as the first.Thanks to Ellen for the fantastic dives up at Arinarga I finally made IT !!!.I cannot wait to see you all again in the new year.Take care.

Simon & Barbara

27 syyskuu 2006, Viesti John, Norja
Dear Dave ans Ellen
Thanks for some great days and dives on Gran Canaria. It was good to be back under water and i will for sure contact you guys when i arrive next time. Have a great and warm winter :-)

22 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Victor, Venäjän Federaatio
Hey guys!
You won't believe how terrible the weather is here in Geneva. We're already missing the octopus we met the other day. Kidding, of course we're missing the OCEAN and diving/dining with you. We had an absolutely superb time and experience. Hope it was ok for you too. Already cooking up plans to come again.
Big hugs to all of you

PS You should always smile while diving too:-)

22 syyskuu 2006, Viesti colin, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen

Sorry to take so long to say hi! Just wanted to thank you both for a great time diving. I was very surprised to see that you managed to get Gary to a place where he wasn't nervous or anxious about going diving - great job! If I have any other friends who want me to recommend a place to go diving, I shall send them to you. Very professional and yet very friendly as well. Thanks a lot and hope to see you next year. Ps. thanks for the photos :-)

Take care,

22 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Philippa Gibbons, son-Britannian
To Dave, Ellen, Dave, Leon & Ellis

I think the other comments from LSD have said it all.
Given that this was my first diving holiday & first diving outside UK waters I think you've set the bar tremendously high - fantastic service, enthusiasm, and diving. The Mantas were truly amazing.
I'm sure I'll be back.

19 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Conor & Fiona, Irlanti
Top job. really enjoyed the dive. Cant even swim. Thanks a million

19 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Tim, son-Britannian
Thanks to the whole Dive Academy team for another great week of diving and other fun in the sun. It was great to see Mantas, big stingrays and of course the wrecks. I am really looking forward to my return in the spring (if not earlier). Keep smiling and having fun, Tim.

19 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Sarah, son-Britannian
To Ellen, Dave x 2 and rest of the team

Thank you so much for a great week, all your help and enthusiasm was much appreciated and the atmosphere at your dive centre in general was fantastic.
The standard of diving was a wonderful surprise and the whole group thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
Thanks for making my job easier. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again.

18 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Robin & Riny, son-Britannian
Dave, Dave, Ellen, Leon & Ellis

You guys could not have done more to make our week the most enjoyable diving we have done. Nothing was too much trouble and your service was 110%. The dive sites were fantastic (especially the school of 9 Mantas on the second last day...). Hope to pay you another visit!

18 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Mary King, son-Britannian
Dear Ellen, Dave, Dave & the rest of the team,

"Princess R." has said it so beautifully that I can only agree and recommend you to everyone.

Thank you so much for making our holiday. Your service and attention to detail are beyond expections.

Also, thanks so much for your calm support and care and providing the ultimate cure for sea-sickness!

Hasta Luego,

17 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Rochelle, son-Britannian
Dear Ellen, Dave, Dave & Leon

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a fabulous week. You all exceeded all of my expectations - you looked after us so well. I can't believe we didn't have to kit up, clean up or even carry a thing all week. I am ruined for future dive holidays now! Your enthusiasm and professionalism was remarkable and the fact that you chose to spend many of your own evenings with us did not go unnoticed and was appreciated. You guys really helped to make this one of my favourite holidays and I've been on a few recently!

17 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Rutger and Sanne, Alankomaat
Hi Dave and Leon!
Thanks for the introduction to diving, we really liked it and are thinking about taking another course.
Greetings! R & S

15 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Andy Dunn, son-Britannian
Hi Dave,Ellen,Big Dave,Leon and Ellis

Many thanks for a great week of diving culminating in seeing the shoal of manta rays on the Saturday which was pretty amazing!! Service and atmosphere were second to none and best wishes for the future....fully intend to re-visit at some time!!

8 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Rudi Sterckx, Belgia
Hello guys , i just want to say that i started my 4 stars CMAS.The highest brevet .I hope you are doing well,here i'm used again to dive in cold and trouble water.Take care.Rudi

5 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Gary Traill, son-Britannian
Hi Guys, well, back home from a great holiday. Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic two days of scuba diving, Cannot believe i did it, it was a great time and a really good laugh. Just wish that i could have had more time to do all the course. But will see you next year when i come back. Thanks again, Take care and Best regards. G

3 syyskuu 2006, Viesti Nacho Garcia, Espanja
Un fuerte abrazo a todos, porque sois majos fuera y dentro del agua. Todas las inmersiones han sido fantásticas desde las mantas de Caleta hasta los ballesta, morenas...todo en el cabrón o pasito blanco. Gracias

30 elokuu 2006, Viesti Carles Morera, Espanja
Hola a todos. Garcias a Dave, Lion y Ellen por esos magnificos dias de buceo. Lástima no tener mas dias par realizar mas inmersiones. La reserva Marina de El Cabrón es un sitio fabuloso. Quiero recordar especialmente la inmersion realizada en el norte, en Caleta, donde pude observar tres enormes y preciosos ejemplares de MANTA.
Un abrazo a todos y hasta pronto.

29 elokuu 2006, Viesti Martina, Ruotsi
Hey guys! thanks for a smashing week at dive academy, never thougt i'd get over my fears of deep waters when i first got there, but now it seems i can't stop talking about diving :) Already trying to figure out when i'll have the time to go back and do the advanced course! hugs and kisses to all of you guys! //martina

27 elokuu 2006, Viesti Dave, Daniel and Sarah, son-Britannian
Thanks to Ellen for the calm and fun tuition and the great dive in Arguineguin. We all want to come back as soon as possible. Regards Dave

22 elokuu 2006, Viesti Paul and Sue Francis and family, son-Britannian
Hi Dave And Ellen
Back in the UK now, cool and wet as usual.Just like to say thank you for 3 great days diving. The PADI cards were at home when we got there. Will recommend you to anyone coming to Gran Canaria, we couldn't have wished for a better start to our diving adventures, making new friends into the bargin. Thanks again

22 elokuu 2006, Viesti Danny Alsbury from Derbyshire, son-Britannian
Just got back today ellie and wanted to say thanks for the dive I had the best time. Danny age 12

NB As Dannys parents we wished to send a special thank you to the dive academy and to Ellie in perticular, your help and your profesionalism filled us all with great confidence, as a result Danny enjoyed himself emensley and we could relax knowing he was in safe hands... once again thank you.

21 elokuu 2006, Viesti Andy Quayle, son-Britannian
Had a great 4 dives - unfortunately didn't have time for more. Great personal service and the Marine Reserve was beautiful. All the pictures I took are on my web site if anyone I was diving with wants them.
Thanx guys - Andy

14 elokuu 2006, Viesti Anja,Stine and Johannes, Norja
Hi Dave and Ditte we loved diving with you guy's and we hope to do it again some time. When we came home to Norway it was raining and not so warme anymore:P Stine and Johannes is also sending an greeting to Leon? and Johannes:)

Stine,Anja and johannes

12 toukokuu 2006, Viesti , son-Britannian
Hi Dave and ellen,
Thought we would make contact to thank you for a truly great diving experience, we intended having a chilled out beach holiday and ended up leaving gran canaria with our open water qualification (cards just arrived in the post!). We hope to return sometime before Christamas and if not early new year. The sea life was excellent and really added to our holiday experience. I must thank you for the patience you showed and that you let us learn at our own pace. We are already boring our friends with our diving adventures. Very best wishes and hope to see you soon.
Andy and Terri

5 elokuu 2006, Viesti Feargus, Irlanti
Cheers to Leon for two cracking dives only had a very short amount of time to dive as was on a family holiday really. Loved the dives and Leon made it feel like I was diving with a buddy at home but a buddy that knew all the best spots. Will definitly be back again in the future with hopefully more time on my hands.

30 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Joris van Nuland, Alankomaat
Hi guyes! Guess what....Louise and me drove all the way from Cadiz to the Netherlands in one time. Took us 29 hours to drive it. We obliged each other to sing loud and keep talking to each other in order to stay awake. We also spend more than 50 euro's on red-bulls, black dogs and coffees. But we made it. It's nice to see everybody again, but to be honest I have some little dips already as well, because I miss GC and the diving life already. In two weeks I'm starting my new job, so I have little time to get used again to the dutch lifestyle.

21 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti paul, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen, just wanted to thank you for a fantastic time which we had in june. We did some brilliant dives and guess what me, vickiand bethany are booking to come back yet again next year. Beth is already looking forward to it has it will be her first time diving. Enjoyed the meal we went for and we hope to do it again next year. Speak to you soon. Paul, vicki and bethany

17 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Cyril Flannigan, Etelä-Afrikka
Hi there Guys!
Hope you are all well ...
Been all over the world and theres no place like Dive Academy
Will be coming over to dive with you again so brace yourselves!
Take care and thanks for everything!
(This message was sent to the surface with some muddy bubbles!)

Cyril & Katt

14 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Rudi sterckx, Belgia
I liked the diving in Arguineguin with you guys.Lets do the blue wreck again , the most beautifull i did overthere.Thanks again for the good care and hope to see you again.
When you come to Belgium or Nederland , let me know so we can dive togheter.Byeeeeeee

12 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Rudolf, Unkari
Hi from Hungary!:)

Thanks for the good service and nice dives.:) Here you'll find some of the photos I took in Gran Canaria:<br>

Kind regards,


7 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Alison, son-Britannian
Hi Ellen, Dave, Joris, Leon & Ditte (hope I haven't forgotten anyone)

I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for the best 5 days ever and your hospitality.
I have already told Allan we are going to Egypt next, so I can get under the water again. Poor man is starting to worry about his bank account with all my dive plans ;oP hehe

Anyway, send my love to everyone and a big hug to all. Enjoy the heat, it is cloudy/rainy and windy here!


2 heinäkuu 2006, Viesti Victor and Uwe from New York City, Amerikan yhdysvallat
Hey Guys! Thanks so much for the great time diving in Gran Canaria. The Dive Academy staff were so helpful and kind, they made our diving adventures such a pleasure!!

Dave, Ellen and Leon were wonderful diving guides, you will be so glad you dived with them!

Thanks again for the great time! Victor + Uwe from New York

29 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti gideon koeter, Alankomaat
Hi Ellen, Leon, Joris and Ditte.

hello how are you doing.

i am home again and i told everybody that i am now a genuine certified padi diver and also where i got my padi certification and with who.
my mom has already told about you guy's to some friends of here who are thinking about going to gran canaria and who also want to start diving.
for myself i am already planning for my next dive trip and my advanced openwater course.
and i like to thank you guy's for al the good care and especially making this all experience not only rewarding but most of all fun.
therefore i will keep on recomending you guy's to everyone i will meet and know and maybe we will see each other again somewhere.

once again thank you.

best wishes

gideon koeter from the netherlands

16 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Leo Hoogma, Ecuador
Hi Dave and Ellen,
The best wishes from the sunny Ecuador. Next week we go to the Galapagos Islands, we can't wait to dive!! See you soon for the next courses.
Leo & Veronica

14 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Simon Ames, son-Britannian
Hi Dave,Ellen and Leon we have arrived back in the UK ok (hey ho)thanks again to the whole team @ Dive Acadamy for the 5 wonderful dives and who knows when we are back in September I might just get to dive at Arinaga.Once again thanks for the great hospitality and kindness.We will see you all in September.Simon

13 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Einar þór, Islanti
hi every one in dive academy in grancanari:) me and Jón Ingi are learning Rescue diver and then divemaster jibby:) here is an link fore an introducion of Iceland , above and beneath.

regards Einar and Jon Ingi the Iclandic vikings

13 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Einar þór, Islanti

10 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave, Leon, Joris and Ditte

Thanx for 17 excellent dives with your super dive center. I'm so happy that I now have achieved the AOWD, the Nitrox and the Digital Photographer certificates.

I would also like to say thanx to my fun and friendly buddy during most of the dives, Lance from Texas/Germany. Furthermore, I have to say thanx to the Norwegian trio, Elisabeth, Kris and Esben, for adding a little extra spice to some of the dives.

This was my 2nd trip to your dive center, and there will definitely be a 3rd and a 4th and ... At least I must get my Rescue Diver certificate before going to Australia in 2007.

I love your dive center and the professional, yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere. So I will continue to promote you to anyone who cares to listen :-)

Kind regards,

P.S.: Who ate the large Milky Way I forgot in your cooler box on Friday the 2nd of June :-)

10 kesäkuu 2006, Viesti Lance Robinson, Saksa
Hi Dave, Ellen, Leon, and Joris, I made it back to Germany ok. Thanks again for a great diving vacation and 16 dives! I really enjoyed the Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air courses. The service was top and the group friendly and professional. Being able to relax and have a drink after the dives at the dive centre was nice and created a personal touch. I still have a few courses I would like to complete, so maybe you haven't seen the last of me! If any of you make it to Germany, look me up for a few beers and laughs. I wish you all the best. Take care.

Hallo Leute! Das Tauchen mit Euch hat richtig Spaß gemacht. Der Advanced Open Water Diver und Enriched Air Course waren sehr professionell gestaltet und ich habe eine Menge dabei gelernt. Das Dive Academy Team war auch sehr freundlich und kümmert sich um einen vor, während und nach dem Tauchen. Ich fand die Atmosphäre rundum schön da. Das Abholen und Zurückbringen vom/ins Hotel ist auch ein toller Service. Nach 16 Tauchgängen kann ich nur Positives über die Dive Academy berichten. Also vielen Dank und bis das nächste Mal!

23 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Niclas Gällentoft, Ruotsi
Hi Dave and Ellen and Leon.
I`m back in sweden for the summer. I will be back in september see you then. Ellen and Dave thanks for everything you done for me in the course last year. Leon thanks for the really good dive I had before I went back to sweden! SEE YOU SOON

22 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Dennis en Susanne, Alankomaat
Dave and Ellen,

We realy enjoyed our discovery dive with you and thanks again for the personal care !

21 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Justin & Leigh, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Leon, Ellen and all at Dive Academy :)

We just wanted to drop in and tell you that we had a really great time diving with you last month. The marine reserve was just fantastic and we are really looking forward to diving with you again over the coming months!

As new open water divers, we were so glad to be with a really fun and professional dive centre, which inspired so much confidence.

When we are ready to do more courses in the future, we will be getting ourselves on a plane and landing on your doorstep!

See you soon. :)

21 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Ian Doyle, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen. Sorry I havent been in contact sooner. Really enjoyed my diving in Gran Canaria, whether diving from Amadores beach or the nature reserve at Arinaga, saw more interesting marine life then I thought I would and took some great photos. Everyone at the dive centre was so friendly and relaxed but very professional with it. Coming at Gran Canaria to see family, all I wanted to do was get wet and see some fish and that is exactly what Dave and his team supplied for me. The location of the dive centre is perfect and handy for those who want to do their first dive as they have their own swimming pool. Hopefully see you next year and I'll let you know when to put the kettle on.

12 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Mark, son-Britannian
Came over for Gay Pride and had a great couple of days diving with Ellen, who was fantastic company. Partner Dave was great too, can't miss him out.

Thanks guys and hope to see you at the parade on Saturday. If not I will definately see you again when I want to go diving.

11 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Linda, Ruotsi
Just wanted to say hi, and to let you know that i had two really nice dives at the marin reserv.

Much better than i thought it was gonna be!


And i know that you are holding my hat as a hostage...:)

9 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Carl Charlesworth, son-Britannian
Hi Dave and Ellen.

Sorry it's taken so long to say thank you for 2 days of excellent diving.

Well done for getting Amy and Andrea under water.

Still don't think they've got over the experience!
I'm still to get on the back of a horse though :-(

An excellent dive school, excellent staff, excellent location. What more could you want!

Hope to see you again next year.

8 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Lanella Tolmie, son-Britannian
Hi i am Lanella i am 10 years old and i want to say a big thank you to Ellen the mellon and dive academy.

When I first went in the water I was a bit nervous and didn't want to do it, but Dave showed me what I would see and ellen made it fun.

I am now a open water diver and looking forward to getting back in the water very soon. I would like to return to Dive Academy to dive and see all the all the things I seen on my diving here, and more.

Thank you.

8 toukokuu 2006, Viesti Davis Family, son-Britannian
Dear Dave and Ellen,

Thank you so much for all the hospitality you showed to our family on our first
visit to Gran Canaria at Easter 2006.

The consideration you expressed to our children
aged 10 and 12 was second to none,your attention to detail and safety was

I would reccommend dive academy to anybody who wants to start diving as
what a great bunch of guys you and make diving a fantastic enjoyment.We will be back

We hope we can visit at least twice a year from now on.

Kind regards the davies
family XXX

27 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti andrew ilsley, son-Britannian

thank you just doesn't say quite enough how much i really enjoyed my 4 dives with you.

so keep up with the good work and have a good one
much appreciated andy

23 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti Tor Erling Andreassen, Norja
Hanna og Tor Erling from Norway


Thanks alot for a great day with yours Discover Scuba Diving course.
I'll write this in norwegian as you wanted.

Takk for en flott dag hvor vi, Hanna på 14 og pappa på 46 fikk en spennende og trygg introduksjon til dykking. Ellen, vær engasjerte og gjestfrie instruktør gav oss en følelse av alltid være trygg med sin behagelige og profesjonelle møte opptre på.

Anbefaler Dive Academy Gran Canaria på det varmeste.

Many Thanks
Hanna and Tor Erling

23 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti Jeff & Nina, son-Britannian
A big thank you to Dave, Ellen, Leon and Dieta (with apologies if name mis-spelt!) for the warm welcome, patience, encouragement and competance.

We both enjoyed our first diving experience and we hope to come back again soon to experience more of the underwater world of Gran Canaria.

13 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti Andrea & Amy, son-Britannian
Hi Dave & Ellen - wanted to thank you for teaching us how to dive in such a professional and relaxed manner on the discover scuba diving day.

Top quality dive school that will be highly recommended.

12 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti alan + carol, son-Britannian
Hi Dave Ellen + Leon,

Thanks for a great time diving with you. We've dived all over the world and have never had such a considerate and professional service before.

We will be recommending you to all at our dive club here in the UK.

All the best for your future and no doubt will be diving with you again next time we're in Gran Canaria.

Many Thanks

Alan + Carol Love

5 huhtikuu 2006, Viesti Linda & Per-Otto, Norja

Thanks alot for a great couple of days. I'll write this in norwegian as you wanted.

Takker så mye for to flotte dager og kjempebra service. Vi har fått helt dilla og gleder oss til å dykke igjen.

ønsker dere alt godt videre og håper vi ser dere igjen om ikke så alt for lenge. Vi skal prøve å få til en tur neste år igjen.

28 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti Tim Rogers, son-Britannian
Thanks for a great time again guys.

Excellent diving as usual - particularly liked the big angel shark and fairly irate octopus on the first night dive, together with the large shoals (40-50)of barracuda at Arinaga.

Can't wait to return to see you in the summer. Cheers.

26 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti Brage, Norja
I had written a long comment here, but got an error message when submitting.
You'll get a short one insted.

Had a great time when diving with you and would love to return some day for futher improvement of my diving and to see new divesites.

Going to do a Cmas course back home. Got any experiance with Cmas ?

Hugs and love from Brage =]

21 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti Harald Pauli, Alankomaat
Hi Dave & Ellen,

Thanks for the pick up service from Puerto Mogan and great diving day at Arinaga with 3 spectacular dives. Also I very much appreciated the personal care and the fact that you were willing to take me out to the marine park of Arinaga as the only diver who wanted to dive that day.

Hope to see you again on my next visit to Gran Canaria and good luck with the diving school and base.

19 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti libby rotherhAM, son-Britannian
Hi Dave & Ellen

Thankyou for your tireless support and help to enable me to achieve my open water qualification
your friendly welcome and ability to give confidence is second to none
I had a truely fantastic time and can't wait to return

15 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti Carl, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen -

Thanks for a great time. I encountered great support; sensitivity to the environment; sensitivity to people: what more can one hope for?

I travelled alone; yet felt I was among friends all of the time. This was thanks to you lot !

Hoping you can make it to fabulous Cape Town one day; if you do: you've got a place to stay !

Best wishes

14 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti paul lenham, son-Britannian
Hi guys, had a fab time diving with you last year and just to let you know that we will be back again this year in june 2006.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

12 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti David Keep, son-Britannian
Many thanks for a great holiday.

Your knowledge of the dive sites & professional service made our first dive holiday a true pleasure.

Well done to you both - keep up the good work - you deserve every success!

12 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti Niclas, Ruotsi
Hi lucky ones, +21 degrees in the winter!!!! well when you have -21 utside the window and +21 some 4 months away the mind allways travels back to gran canaria and all the exillent diving with Diveacademy!

9 maaliskuu 2006, Viesti PETER LATHAM, son-Britannian




17 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Robert Raynes, son-Britannian
To All @ Dive Academy.

Thanks for making the course so enjoyable, for arranging the shark to be there on my first dive and for making the sun come up after the course so Zoe could begin her sun worshiping routine whilst I looked after Jake.

I've already advised others to dive in Gran Canria through yourselves based on the fun, personal and very professional centre you run.

I hope to see you all again soon, good luck.

All the best, Rob and Family.

PS. Can I book some warmer water next time.

15 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Claire Dickinson, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Ellen and All.

Sorry its taken me so long to get to get in touch....but just to say Thank you for an absolutely brilliant time diving with you in December.

The diving was brilliant, i felt totally safe and got lots of new experience.

The thing that was so great for me though was your kindness, especially as i was on travelling alone you really made me feel part of your diving family.

I really want to come back as soon as ive saved up.

To anyone thinking of diving with DiveAcademy...I cannot recomend them highly enough!

Love Claire Dickinson x

13 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Linda, Ruotsi
Hi, learning to dive was one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life!

Thanks for helping me with it and teaching me.

Sorry I cound not go diving one more time bofore I left, but I guess there will allways be a next time!

Take care, c u's!

9 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Zsolt & Erika, Ruotsi
Thank you Ellen for the excellent dives!

We have enjoyed your cheerful company, we felt perfectly safe and comfortable with you.

Angel shark(s?) was funny, so the hundreds of other species!

We really felt to be taken care by your staff, and it was a long time ago when we got our gears back so perfectly clean and nicely packed.

We come back to you with pleasure!!

With best regards Erika and Zsolt from Stockholm

8 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Ron and Rik, Alankomaat
Hi guys, thanks a lot for the good time and the excellent dives we had at your dive center.

Especially the way you took care of the two boys Rik and Tim, how well and relaxed you prepared them for their first experience with diving as a Discover Scuba Diver, how well you instructed them and gave them confidence during the pool session was really very well done, it made them very thrustfull and relaxed.
And then their first dive in the sea (in the harbour), where they came across a big Angel shark, really topped it off for them.

Thanks a lot, and definitely see you next year.

5 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Nils Buch, Tanska
Hi Ellen, Dave & Co.

Many thanx for great time in your diving center.

I've never tried diving before or even opened a book about diving, but under the skillful instructions of Dave I became an Open Water Diver in no time (5 days - including 1 resting day).

All you guys are so fun, relaxed and friendly to be around, and at the same time so professional, that it is pure pleasure taking a diving course at your center.

Hopefully I will be able to visit again sometime in the spring, and get my Advanced OWD certificate!

4 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Jón Ingi and Einar, Islanti
Hi guys !

Thanks so much for a real good time with you in and out of the sea :)

Now we are back to work and already thinking of coming back for more !

Without all you beautiful people in the diving center our vacation wouldnt have been half as great as it was !

Thanks again and hope to see you again asap ;)
Best regards from the two sexy vikings of Iceland ;)

Jón Ingi and Einar

4 joulukuu 2006, Viesti steven and andi, son-Britannian
thank you all for making our holiday so special and introducing us both to a new world of adventure.

the quality of training was simply the best, friendly and proffesional with a high standard of equipment for us to use.
We can only recomend your dive centre as being top draw.

thanks and sorry but we both are coming to see you all again in seven weeks to continue what you have started. thanks to all at dive academy gran caneria

steve n andi

3 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Barry Nauta, Belgia
When selecting a divecenter, the first thing I look for is a PADI 5* center, since (most of the time) this guarantees quality.

You did most certainly offer quality! Material was in good shape, staff was very friendly and professional.

Too bad I had to go home, wish I could make some more dives with you. Holidays are most always too short... ;-)

Thanks again,

1 joulukuu 2006, Viesti Therese F. Tøsti, Norja
To the Dive Academy team!

I must really thank you for the wonderfull dives I had with the dive center.

The dives were amazing and so were the crue at the dive center.

The very best with this dive center is that those who work there allways has a smile on their face and at joke at hand.
And when the dives are finished and all are back at the center they take their time to talk with those who were on the days dive trip.

When you dive at this center you dont feel that they do this to make money of you.

This is the very best Dive Center i have been on.

Happy new year.

29 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Henning Østeby, Norja

I wish U a happy new year...
And Ellen...just wanna say that U're a good teacher... C'ya next year...


27 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Jenny & Warren, son-Britannian
Diving today in 6*c water, I saw ur lovely message reminding me to think of you in the sun... you ****'s!!!

Had a great week with you guys and you really did help us with r future careers.

Hope we keep in touch, coz you really are great ppl.

Hope u had a great Xmas and next year's a good one for you!

26 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
A very Happy Christmas to you all @ Dive Academy. And a truly Wonderful New Year. And I hope to see you soon.

26 joulukuu 2005, Viesti robert howat, son-Britannian
just a wee message to say thanks to all the guys at the dive academy for a fantastic day and to my instructor ellen thanks

24 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Kenny-Andy & Al, son-Britannian

To everyone at The Dive Academy

23 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Cyril Flannigan, Kanariansaaret
*M*E*R*R*Y* *X*M*A*S*
To all at Dive Academy
and a Happy New Year !!!

19 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Marco, Alankomaat
Had ik een geweldige tijd met het Duik Acadamy team in november, was iedereen zo'n plezier behalve de grote Engelse instructeur, Tom? Leon, Dave en Ellen maakten mij voel heel welkom en ik zal opnieuw komen.

2 joulukuu 2005, Viesti Darren Brown, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen & Team,

Just a quick note to say thank-you for getting me through my Open Water.

I had a fantastic & memorable few days with you guys. I thoroughly recommend Dive Academy to anybody - either for someone 'taking the plunge' for the first time or for experienced divers wanting the best local expertise.

Landed back in the UK to snow & ice - the warm seas & lazy days Gran Canaria felt a million miles away. Ah well, as Arnie once said... I'll be back!

Thanks again & good luck for the future. You are expert trainers and deserve every success with the Dive Academy.


Darren Brown
Red Cow Inn, Derby

28 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Gerard en Miranda, Alankomaat
Beste Leon,

bedankt voor de leuke duikdag van afgelopen vrijdag. Wij vonden de begeleiding en verdere service super!! En hebben er hierdoor weer een mooie duikervaring bij opgedaan.


Gerard van Buuren en Miranda Baar

24 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Henrik, Tanska
Hi all,

Thanks for the great service and showing me some nice Canarian dive sites.

It is nice to know, that allthough you've seen a great number of things in the past, there are always new things left to be discovered. I had a regular 'Kinder-Surprise three things in a day' experience with you guys, not bad...! ;-)


21 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Karen, son-Britannian
Missing u guys. Had a great time learning to dive and have joined a club here in freezing Cumbernauld. Have been diving (just in the pool) since I have been back and am going on a loch dive before xmas.

The dive club is not as good as yours and it is very strange diving with someone else who isnt as much fun. But hey ho I'll get used to it.

Can't wait to come back and dive with you all again! Will hopefully be back in May.

Cheers for making one of my dreams come true ;-)


21 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Agnitha, Ruotsi
You came recommended and I'll be passing on the good word.

Really great bunch especially Ellen, Dave, Leon and Allen, even the big non smiling english instructor seemed to enjoy himself in the end to!

19 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Kim, Alankomaat
Hi there!

We had a great time at Gran Canaria! Diving was a great experience for me! I never forget, thanks Ellen en the others!!! The sea rabbit and the other fish were very cool! I am sure, i am going to dive again!
Good luck with everything!

Greetz Kim

9 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Tim Rogers, son-Britannian
Thanks for a great week guys. Loads of underwater beasties including angel sharks, stingrays, massive shoals of bream (?) being hunted by barracuda, octopi, cuttlefish etc etc etc.

The Russian Wreck was good too. Shame I missed the Bull Ray - may be next time.

The night dive was one of the best ever.

See you again in the New Year.

3 marraskuu 2005, Viesti Ed Gibson and Richie Yianni, son-Britannian
Sun, Sea, Sand and Scuba diving, what more could two twelve year olds want, other than the individual attention of the lovely Ellen.

100% recommendation for this professional team, and wish you all the very best for the future.

Please send some sunshine back to the UK - it has rained solidly since we got back !!

Rod Leah and Edward Gibson and Richie Yianni x

16 lokakuu 2005, Viesti Sir Matthew Pollard, son-Britannian
Its my second time in a year that ive been diving with Dave and Ellen and looking forward to going back again soon.

12 lokakuu 2005, Viesti Simon, son-Britannian
Hi Guy's we arrived back in the UK after a 5 hour delay(ouch).

Anyway I would like to thank Dave and all the team for 7 wonderful dives including my Night Divers Speciality course.
It was a total pleasure even the fish feeding from Andy & Kenny !!!.

Take care and I will see you in the new year.

4 lokakuu 2005, Viesti Kenny,Andy & Al, son-Britannian
Hi Guys ,back home in sunny Scotland (not !) just want to thank you for Three days of superb diving and plenty of laughs !!

The Russian wreck was awesome and what a bonus... we fed the fish (Cheers Captain Dave !)

You guys know your stuff and do it with a smile on your face .
Many Thanks once again for a great DIVING EXPERIENCE !
Dave,Ellen,Leon & Allen Hope to see you again .
ps..sent with a friendly POWER FIN..

14 syyskuu 2005, Viesti Wes & Mrs D, son-Britannian
Hi Guys
I particularly liked the way Mrs D and myself were able to complete our Rescue Diver and Staff Instructor courses respectively.
I also particularly liked the way that the sea was so handily placed for diving and the fish life you were able to supply (the rays on the russian wreck were fantastic).
However I did spot just one problem... the week went too fast.
The solution to this? We'll have to come again!!

Thanks for a great week.

13 syyskuu 2005, Viesti Dave at Dive Academy., Espanja
Hi Ewan,

Thank you for the email, yes sorry about the spelling mistake, sometimes
English spelling is not my strong point !!

Thats why i'm a diving instructor and not a nuclear physicist !! but
anyway i'm glad that your friends spoke highly of us and we look forward
to meeting you in November..

13 syyskuu 2005, Viesti Ewan Owen, son-Britannian
Met some collegues who'd been diving with yourselves and they couldn't speak more highly of you, looks like I'll have to use you guys in November when I come over.

I have to ask though.. What's a turtel??

3 syyskuu 2005, Viesti Dawn and Drew, son-Britannian
Hi everyone, thanks for taking our Drew on the junior open water course, we've showed everyone the dvd and everyones well impressed.

Hope all is well over there in the hot sunny weather, its a bit warm here but theres no comparison to where you are.

Thanks again we had a great time, all the best, Dawn & Drew.

27 elokuu 2005, Viesti cathy cooper, son-Britannian
Hi guys, can't wait to come over again in september to do my instructors course.
When I am there, you have to find the resident turtle for me to see!!!

Thinking about a name for him, it has to be "crush", what else could it be!!!!

16 elokuu 2005, Viesti Keith and Joanne, son-Britannian
Dear Dave, Dave and Ellen,

Thank you all very much for a great day discovering scuba diving (Tuesdat 2nd Aug). WOW!!!! One of the best things we've ever done, and it definately made our honeymoon. We're going to go and further our scuba skills now at the local school, though Aberdeen will be a bit chillier!! Next time we're in Gran Canaria, we'll definately be back to see you all and get in the water again.

Thanks again for a Great Time

Keith and Joanne

14 elokuu 2005, Viesti Mark and Emma, son-Britannian
Dear Dave and Ellen (and the very friendly Dutch instructor whos name escapes us but sounded like the bloke from the Grolsch ads)

We felt compelled to write after our wonderful day with you last Friday (12th Aug). Not only did i have a fantastic time but Emma loved it too due to your kind hospitality (and thanks also for pursuading her to do a trial dive in the pool, now i have a chance of getting her to do some further courses with me!). Obviously i loved the diving but what inspired us and filled us with so much admiration, is that fact that you are living the dream. I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who follows their dreams no matter how hard it may be and makes them a reality. Visiting your dive centre really started us thinking! Anyway best of luck to you in the future, i for one will definitely be continuing diving, and if we ever come back to Gran Canaria we will be sure to visit (and we'l tell anyone else whos going there how good you were as well)
All the best
Mark and Emma

12 elokuu 2005, Viesti Ray Crisp, son-Britannian
Hi Dave, Dave, Ellen and all at Dive Academy.
Many thanks for making us so welcome and our training so enjoyable, we all had a fantastic time.
The dives last Friday really made our holiday one to remember.
We haven't stopped talking about our experiences much to a non-diving wife/mum's annoyance!!

Hope all is well with you all and hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Best wishes
Ray, Philip and Helen.

8 elokuu 2005, Viesti Cyril Flannigan, son-Britannian
Hi there !

Just to say a BIG thanks Big Dave Little Dave & Ellen for all the sound advice and skills you have taught me over the last while !

You have opened up a whole new world for me with some unforgrtable dives at Arinaga and some fantastic night dives in Amadores.
You can expect a call soon as I cant wait to go wreck diving !!

Ohhs.. and thanks to that nice lady from go-dive who brought me over my brand spankin shiney ....NEW stinger !! (nuff said!)

Ta ! Cyril

31 heinäkuu 2005, Viesti Mi, Ruotsi
Hellu guhuys.. or the world's coolest, funniest and endearest.. most endearing dive instructors!

Saw three divers next to a big van today.. I started drooling and my knees got all shaky. I went over there and talked to them.. mostly so I could brag about my open water cert and to experience that 'I'm one of you guys' - feeling. Turns out there's a padi dive centre right here in my city. They sell weight belts, RDP's and... if you put a bumper sticker with their name on it on your car, they'll fill your tank for free!! So a tank is now the first item on my Dive equips 2 buy- list. I mean I can always rent a snorkel and a pair of fins right.. but to have my own big bright yellow shiny tank, preferably with a couple of Go Dive with Dave stickers on it.. now that's huge.. Or I don't know, maybe a dust cap might just have to do. Wow I got the whole fancy diving vocab memorized. You don't have to worry about me one bit.

Take care guys.. and thanks so much for a couple of amazing weeks! Miss you a lot..!

Typical Swedish hug / Mi

31 heinäkuu 2005, Viesti Ragnhild Ruland og Svein Sivertsen, Norja
Vi vil takke for god opplåring og oppmuntring gjennom Ragnhild sitt DSD kurs, og Svein sitt repetisjonskurs (Scuba review).
Vi har hatt to flotte dykk, og er svært fornøyd. Vi ser fram til å dykke mer, og oppdage enda mer av halvlivets gleder!!! Vi håper å komme snart tilbake. Hilsen Ragnhild og Svein

18 heinäkuu 2005, Viesti ELOISE, son-Britannian
I would like to say thanks to everyone who gave me the confidence to get back in the water.
Arinaga was great although i was nervous great to see all the different fish again.
I am even going to do my advanced and eventually become an instuctor too so i may see you again.
thanks to Dave as well who helped when i knelt on a sea urchin!

12 heinäkuu 2005, Viesti Paulo Faucetti, Italia
Devo dire quando ho scoperto la moglie ci aveva riservati su una vacanza di tuffo a Gran Canaria di tutti i luoghi che non ero a impressionato, ma il personale al Tuffa Acadamy ha fatto realmente la mia vacanza, non solo con alcuno grande tuffo ma con l'enthusisim e con l'intrest mostrati da loro. Estremamente il recommeded e la speranza di essere di ritorno presto.

12 heinäkuu 2005, Viesti Marcel Dupre, Ranskan
Le temps fantastique dans Canaria de Mamie avec Dave et Ellen, une des vacances le mieux de l'ouest que j'ai eue. N'a jamais compté voir un tel tableau divers de vie de mer dans l'Atlantique et la mention spéciale devrait âtre fait du temps dépense informer nous des accidents que nous allions plonger, les vacances très instructives et spéciales

28 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Colin, son-Britannian
Great diving especially the Horned Ray Ellen and I saw in Amadorus,The diving in Arinaga was good too saw lots great dives,
Thanks for a great week and see you in November.
Colin from Bedford.

16 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Christian, Portugali
Sé não está a algum mergulhar fantástico, nunca pensou que eu veria tubarões de anjo ao redor da ilha, mas a equipe de Academy de Mergulho e organização é segundo a nenhum. Par brilhante de dias mergulhando, voltará outra vez.

15 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Jurgan Mullar, Saksa
Hallo von Dusseldorf, vielen Dank war für Ihre großen Bemühungen im Machen von meinen drei Tagen, die angenehm tauchen, der Tauchen groß aber die Aufmerksamkeit, vom Kopfsprung acadamy Personal zu schildern genau, war zweit zu keinem. Wird bald zurückkommen!

30 marraskuu -0001, Viesti Matt Pollard, son-Britannian
Wot can i say, Simply fantastic in evry way.
The people i met were great and the life under the sea was unbelevable.
If you ask me id say the best 5 day of my diving life. Matt Pollard from Derby

14 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Lip Gunnar Bouy, Norja
Hei hatt en stor tid med De all, jeg er nesten bli en instruktør og leter etter arbeid dykke da toppet som instruktør i Europa, gjær De har en jobb for meg?

14 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Johan Van Basten, Alankomaat
Greetings, coming back in September, if the diving is only half as good as last time I know I will have a great time.

13 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Sean Cunningham, son-Britannian
Many thanks to you all for looking after my Dad, his bravado far outweighs his ability and you recognised this and really looked after him taking him diving to sites that were within his abilities but also interesting and enjoyable for him.
Thanks for the extra time you spent with him and making sure his holiday was special.
Makes a nice change to hear about him talking about something else other than his ex wife!

13 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Jim Cunningham, Irlanti
Great couple of days and some great diving, thanks for taking time out to show me how to use an SMB properly and for all the advice on taking photo's.

Will be recommending you to all who'll listen!

10 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti jane cooper, Irlanti
Thanks for a wonderfull week.
The team at Dive Academy are fantastic.
I had some great dives, saw a turtle in the bay, and they have taught me everything I know about diving!
Thanks again guys, can't wait to see you all again, soon.

7 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Warren Brett, Heard ja McDonaldinsaaret
Had a fantastic time, well looked after, thanks for helping a very nervous and inexperianced diver, feel loads more confident now and can't wait to come and do my advanced course with you in the summer.

5 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti alexander kelk, son-Britannian
thanks very much, I had a great time and will definately carry on diving, especially enjoyed the dive on saturday, I saw more wildlife that time around.
Wish you the best of luck and hope that the dive academy succeeds.

3 kesäkuu 2005, Viesti Roger Timms, son-Britannian
Thanks for the great time guys. Had fun both in and out of the water. Especially liked the octopi and cuttlefish.
Got some great photos.
See you again soon.

31 toukokuu 2005, Viesti diving miss daisy, son-Britannian
Hi there guys, the new web site looks great, I especially like the photo gallery!
Can't wait to come over in July to see you all and dive in the warm gran canarian waters.
It won't be a patch on cold stoney cove though..... Not!!!

26 toukokuu 2005, Viesti nick spencer, son-Britannian
hi to dave & the team we really miss the great diving & hospitality you all showed us making our holiday extra special cant wait to visit gran canarias best dive centre next year

23 toukokuu 2005, Viesti Janette Crisp, son-Britannian
My family and I are coming to Gran Canaria in July and so far all contact with the Academy has been by email but if you are as fun and as helpful as your emails, then I think we are in for a good time!!
Love the new website - much easier to use than the last one but no link now from the PADI site.

8 huhtikuu 2007, Viesti Rich and Nic, son-Britannian
Dave, Ellen and Ellis :D

Hi there - Just wanted to add to the message board and let everyone know what a great time we had diving with you. The ten dive package was perfect for a week long trip to GC, and we really appreciated how accommodating you guys were about dive times – we were able to combine the landscape photography with our dives perfectly, and the whole set-up just made everything so easy…

The dive sites were great – it was really very good fun to experience the range of boat dives, shore dives, wrecks, reefs, cliffs, arches and the night dive was something else!!! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the critters, and the visibility was great… The range of things was superb: angel sharks, morays, octopi, rays, crabs, shoals of fish EVERYWHERE, starfish, sand eels, jewel anemones, tons of other plant things (!!!), fan coral, and of course the cuttlefish, which posed perfectly for the photographs… We also had the wrecks, and the submarine!!!!

For anyone thinking of diving GC, DO IT!!!! We had a fine time… Dive Academy provided an excellent service, and their care and attention to details was brilliant – safety is everything, and these guys know how to look after people, without taking away from the pleasure of exploring. They were very amenable to adapting trips to suit our interests, and were photographer friendly…

Having previously completed the PADI advanced in the UK, we are busy gaining experience and adding to our gear – we found the advice of the guys at DA VERY useful, and they were all happy to help us with pros and cons of set-ups, and were impartial, whilst sharing their experiences… Very helpful indeed…

We enjoyed this trip so much, we are heading back to see the mantas :D And. Of course, to catch up with Dave, Ellen and Ellis again :D

Many thanks, for everything – we will send you photos soon, as promised – in the process of sorting through the hundreds of pics we took :D

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Bubblemaker fun in our pool.